Ricky Niemann aka RICKY Shows Off His Tremendous Lyrical Talent in Debut Single “OD”

Authored by BHTNews.com
Posted Thursday, March 17, 2022 - 1:30pm

Ricky Niemann aka RICKY is a rising superstar that is headed towards stardom. Ever since he was a young man growing up in Santa Rosa, CA, Ricky Niemann aka RICKY envisioned himself becoming a musical icon. His father was a musical enthusiast himself who introduced Ricky Niemann aka RICKY to Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Ricky Niemann aka RICKY felt a deep connection to music and developed a deep love for the art of music creation. These early childhood moments impacted Ricky Niemann aka RICKY to the point that he decided to dedicate his life to music.

When he was 14 years old Ricky Niemann aka RICKY won a dance contest which ultimately led to a job at Show out Entertainment as a promoter. Ricky Niemann aka RICKY capitalized on this opportunity and invested all of his time and energy into this new job. He soaked up all the information he could in order to one day apply the knowledge to his own career. After years of hard work, Ricky Niemann aka RICKY was able to become one of the top promoters within the company and was known for hosting some of the most legendary events the North Bay area has ever seen. 

In his senior year of high school, Ricky Niemann aka RICKY felt in his heart it was time to put the promotion business behind himself and focus on following his life's true passion, creating music. Ricky Niemann aka RICKY started his own record label Rose City Entertainment LLC. This gave him the platform necessary to expand his skills as an artist and promote his skills while scaling his own company. Ricky Niemann aka RICKY is a gifted lyricist who has the rare ability to be able to vividly paint a picture in the mind of the listener. He has worked on his skills with a pen and paper ever since he was a young man and is finally showing the world what he is capable of. 

On March 4th, Ricky Niemann aka RICKY dropped his debut single “OD” produced by DJ Shabazz. “OD” is a song that elegantly displays the perspective of a young rapper living a party-induced lifestyle and not wanting to overdose. Ricky Niemann aka RICKY has dedicated this song to the many young rappers the industry has lost to drugs like Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and Juice WRLD. 

You can stream “OD” on Spotify and be sure to check out Ricky Niemann aka RICKY’s Instagram for announcements regarding his next body of work.

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