Reasons behind the Success of Book-to-Film Adaptations

Frank Parker
Authored by Frank Parker
Posted Thursday, August 5, 2021 - 3:39pm

It has really got hard to achieve an iconic status for a book alone. In modern society, people prefer to watch a movie for one and a half-hour over reading a 400-page book. But this is not all. There are still some people who have maintained the relationship. You can see this trend among the young generation very much. They generally get so busy with their life and professional world that they don't even have time to read a mere 400-page book. Therefore they rely mostly on the films, audio versions of the stories, and so on. The reflection of the same trend is there in the film industry as the stand-alone movies are not getting that much success in comparison to those movies which are made on popular book series. Sometimes these movies are igniting the sale of the book too.

The mutual relationship between the film industry and the story writers is really beneficial both ways. The more the filmmakers will read the book, the more they will be sold and then a good amount of intellectual films will be produced. The mutual relationship will keep the onscreen presence of the novels alive for long. It is also true that people learn to read those books more, on which the industry has made successful films. Not only in Hollywood but in all the film industries, the filmmakers are seeking newer stories for their movies.

The major reason behind this is that people like to see the stories through their eyes on the screen and want to compare their imaginations regarding the stories. Actually, when we read a story or listen to it, we imagine a world as per our thinking. On the contrary, when the same story comes as a film, we want to see whether there are similarities with the imagination. The expectations draw the audiences to the theatres or force them to download the movies.

Critics criticize the movies on every aspect of it, but the audiences don’t. As per the survey of Betway Casino, this is the reason why some of the famous books became popular after someone brought them to the silver screen like the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, and so on. These books got in the list of top 10 stories to adapt for films. The more films based on such popular stories, the more people will enjoy them. For instance, the Harry Potter series has 7 stories and they were brought to screen in 8 parts. On the other hand, The Hobbit was filmed into 3 parts whereas it is a single novel. So from this, it is clear that quantity is essential to increase popularity. The reason behind this is that people keep waiting eagerly for the next part of the movie to know the story. This is why the makers of Harry Potter Part 8, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II, were pretty sure about its success. Even though the films are not the best as per the critics, there is no problem to earn IMDB ratings to be successful in terms of financial earning.

IMDB gives points on the basis of the popularity and quality of the movies after release. From that viewpoint, only two of the top 10 movies got their place among the top 10 movies which earned the highest gross amount. For example, Harry Potter may not be among the best movies as per the critics, but it became among the top 10 most popular movies. The experts of different film critic organizations said that the success of Harry Potter was a result of the quality of the book series from which it was adapted. This is why most of the standalone releases of the IMDB to 10 movies got higher ratings from IMDB than that of Goodreads. The higher-rated books became much more financially successful than those of the movies that were rated high by the critics.

All these discussions bring the conclusion that the books which are successful in terms of readers can make even more successful movies based on them. They become even more popular even if there are other standalone movies with good ratings from the critics.

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