Land-based casinos Vs online gambling: What are the advantages of the second one?

Sam Richards
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Posted Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 5:54am

The pace of development of modern opportunities in the gambling industry is amazing! It applies not only to land-based clubs but also to the online segment. Here, everything is happening even faster than offline. New virtual gambling halls appear almost daily, offering their customers attractive conditions and various types of lucrative incentives casinos not on gamstop. In our progressive age, one cannot deny that online gambling is much more preferable than visiting land-based houses. The first clubs with devices appeared quite a long time ago. People's need for gambling has been felt throughout almost the entire existence of human beings. The first online casino appeared on the Internet in 1994. It was the Gaming Club, which, by the way, has been operating to this day and is very successful. The first online casino came out thanks to Microgaming software, which created the first casino software. Before, the number of games was at the level of 30 pieces. Now we are talking about hundreds and thousands. Following Microgaming, the CryptoLogic company was opened, which began to compete in those years. Though, the forms of slot machines changed a lot - from primitive to more advanced ones. The gambling industry has been around for many years, so the public's interest in it will be completely natural and not even needing advertising.

What are the benefits of online casino visitors?

It is difficult to get into a serious casino. Gamblers need to have a special invitation, observe the dress code, sign up for the game in advance, have recommendations or fulfill other conditions. It's easier with clubs where vending machines are installed, but you will still depend on their mode of operation. For these reasons, many gamblers choose to play through websites. You do not depend on anyone and can play at any time of the day. Modern companies offer convenient and fast development for smartphones. You will not be tied to a PC, but you can play at any time. Besides:

  • There is no binding for playing in a certain place! It is possible to play from the phone to the mobile version of the casino. To gamble, one need a constant source of the Internet;
  • There is a wider range of games and various fun slots for money than in a terrestrial casino establishment;
  • Online platforms provide the opportunity to test slots for free. It is naturally not available in land-based houses;
  • Sign-up bonus, no deposit rewards, first deposit gifts - are the usual things for Internet casinos. It will never happen in land-based clubs.

Land-based casinos have a security service, a checkpoint, and video surveillance cameras. But they are responsible for visitors only inside the institution, and what will happen after he leaves the hall is unknown. Adverse situations often happened. For example, visitors managed to win a large amount of money, but it was problematic to get the cash. On the way, they met intruders. In this regard, playing over the Internet has advantages, because you can transfer to the card your winnings. Don't worry about personal data. Special programs record suspicious activity on an account or login from another device.

Online Casino Range: You Will Always Have Freedom Of Choice

For fans of variety, the most important advantage of remote gaming is its wide range of entertainment options. No casino can surprise you with all kinds of games. Firstly, it is simply impossible to buy such a quantity of equipment, and secondly, it is not a fact that your favorite slot machine will be free at the right moment for you. As a rule, the presence of one hundred slots and several tables to choose from is considered a good assortment of a land-based club. Everything is easier on the Internet mobile casino uk. Many companies offer more than 500 types of slot machines and other entertainment options. You will not be bored, and you can stay in the same company for a long time. The most popular entertainment on the network:

  • story slots;
  • world famous fruits;
  • game in real-time;
  • arcades;
  • games of skills.

One can play several games at the same time! No classic casino can offer such an opportunity. All you need to do is install multiple browsers or open different windows. You can even use two monitors or play directly from a PC and a smartphone. You can also try your hand at absolutely free on the Internet, use the “Demo game” function. Check if the lossless fortune smiles at you.

Some Pieces Of Interesting Statistics

Initially virtual gambling platforms originated about fifteen years ago, and every year they become more and more in demand and popular, gradually replacing the land-based sector. Statistics will tell you about this trend without further ado.

  • According to H2 Gambling Capital, this year (2020), the share of mobile gambling was 42.6%;
  • The online segment has been growing by 5.7% annually since the end of 2015. Worldwide Gambling Market believes that this figure is likely to only increase over the years;
  • Juniper Research has done interesting research. According to him, the volume of betting remotely in 2022 will be one trillion dollars!;
  • Also, the British research center Juniper Research has calculated the number of player accounts. In 2022, 684 million gamblers will play;
  • The iGB Research Center has calculated the turnover of the iGaming market! In 2023, it will amount to 37 billion euros.

It can be concluded that this direction will only develop.

To Conclude: Online Gambling Fans Predictions

Of course, in the battle between online casinos and land-based gambling houses, the latter is losing. Although, the traditional form of gambling has a multi-million army of adherents! Most likely, it will be even more expedient here to talk about their interchangeability. Nevertheless, online gambling has much more development prospects. After the internet moved to the next level and became wireless, mobile online casinos made a huge leap forward. This fact has largely changed the structure of online casinos and allowed gamblers to play with even greater comfort. For the foreseeable future, online casinos are expected to bring us many pleasant surprises!


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