How to entertain yourself after Covid

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Thursday, December 16, 2021 - 8:11am

Covid-19 measures brought the world to a standstill. Industry stopped and only services that were deemed essential were allowed to function. Slowly the world has opened again and despite the rise of various variants of the virus, the world is turning and you need to get out in it.

If the lockdowns drove you nuts for one reason or another, here are some ideas to get you back out there.

Go for a Meal

Hospitality was hit hard during the lockdowns with many venues going out of business. According to Sky News, over 10,000 hospitality venues closed for good as a result of the lockdowns. As such, going for a meal is not just a lovely thing to be able to do, but you’re keeping businesses local to you alive. If we go into lockdown again, going for a meal now could be the difference between your favourite restaurant closing or thriving.

The same applies to your local pubs, clubs, and cafes.

Go to the Theatre

The theatre is not just for luvvies but for anyone who enjoys high quality entertainment. Watching plays, pantomimes, and comedies is a great way to spend a few hours. Most theatres large or small offer varied programmes so you are bound to find something you like.

Go to a Sporting Event

Along with hospitality sport was also badly affected by Covid-19 measures. Every major sport in the world shut down. Happily, sport is as strong and popular as ever with exciting matches on the horizon for almost every sport in the world.

By seeing a sporting event, not only are you in for an exciting experience, but you can now use sites such as to make the experience even better.

Partake in Sport

As well as watching sport why not give it a try? You don’t have to run marathons or cycle miles, but with gyms and gym spaces reopening, sports such as aerobics, archery, and martial arts are back as an option. And you can do them for longer than an hour too!

Visit a Museum

Museums were another area that was impacted by Covid-19 measures. According to The Art Newspaper, the British Museum lost 78% of its visitors due to 2020 lockdowns. Your local museums would have seen a similar drop in numbers.

Museums are important culturally as they preserve the past for future generations. If you have children or not, go and visit a museum and get a blast from the past.

Go Shopping

Whether you like shopping or not try and visit a local store and buy something. Like hospitality, you will be supporting local business which provides employment, products and services. Not only that but where you live is much more vibrant with shops, bars, and restaurants open and thriving.

Let’s not forget you can pick up something nice from these places too.

Take a Holiday

Although with the changing nature of the world booking a holiday is a little dicey. Nonetheless, you can still book a holiday within Britain, and most countries are accessible with a vaccine passport or negative test. Do your homework before you go so you don’t get unpleasant surprises in this regard.

Although this may sound like a lot of hassle for a week or two in the sun we can all use a holiday. As well as a good suntan you’ll feel relaxed and feel good both physically and mentally.

Visit Friends and Family

One of the harder aspects of the Covid-19 lockdown was the fact you could not visit family or friends and if you did you had to stand on the doorstep to converse. Happily and hopefully those days will be consigned to history and we can visit friends, family and break bread. So do so.

See a Live Gig

Music is fantastic and thankfully it is back on the menu. Whether it is a rock or pop gig or a local band in a local pub, there is something special about watching music performed live. With this in mind, why not try something new such as orchestral music or go to a music festival. It can be especially exciting if you camp out.


Education was savaged during the lockdown with schools and colleges closed throughout the country. There is only so much you can do online so get out and take a class. As well as learning something new you’ll expand your social circle. A win-win scenario if ever there was one.

Do What you Want

With only being allowed outside for essentials and an hour for exercise, you were effectively prevented from doing anything unless it was in the home. This is why you watched most of what Netflix had to offer. No doubt you probably have watched most of Amazon Prime as well.

Now you can leave the house do whatever you want to do. And enjoy it.

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