The Horses of Spain and Portugal Head to Westpoint

This September, the beautiful horses of Spain (PREs) and Portugal (Lusitanos) are heading to Westpoint Arena in, Exeter.

A packed weekend is topped off with two star studded Extravaganza Shows being closed by the World famous Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado. 

During the weekend of 2-4 September, daytime competitive events include showing, dressage and Working Equitation indoors, and outside on “La Plaza” visitors can enjoy authentic Spanish and Portuguese food and drink from an array of food vendors, Flamenco Flash mobs throughout the day and shopping with over 60 quality brands.

Days merge to night, the festoon lights will glow, fire throwers and more will help us build the atmosphere as the show heads into the most enchanting and thrilling nights for the Iberian horse ever seen in the UK. The breath-taking horses of Spain and Portugal are like no other, beautiful, talented and utterly unique. You'll see the very best in a huge range of equestrian disciplines, in a world class line up of riders from Spain, Portugal, France, Slovenia, Switzerland and the UK. Lit by Plymouth company NUB, you can expect a dazzling lighting display and a mix of modern and traditional music to stir the soul. 

FREDERIC PIGNON AND MAGALI DELGADO are Equestrian artists of the very highest order, co-founders of Cavalia, and a total inspiration for the world of horsemanship, their motto - "Where Heart Meets Art". Starring their talented Iberian stallions at liberty and under saddle, prepare to feel your heart soar with joy at the love and connection Frederic and Magali will bring to close a night of epic Iberian inspiration.

They will be joined by the magical LED LUSITANOS who will be bringing the wonder to Westpoint. An exceptional, international horseman, PAULO SANTOS from Portugal will show work with the Garoccha, and from Spain - PEPE CIVICO will show Doma Vaquera work.

Formerly of the School of Lipica NEJC TURINEK will show you the "Airs Above the Ground" with a PRE stallion.  DAVID ZUEND - a master horseman in the Vaquero style.  Hold on to your seats as renowned trick rider FREDDY STEELE (and maybe some friends!!) gallop for glory through Westpoint arena. Fast and furious daredevil action under the bright lights.

THE SOUTH WEST FORMATION RIDERS will show very correct and classical formation riding.

THE WORKING EQUITATION SPEED / EASE OF HANDLING ROUNDS - on Friday night you will see the very best riders in the UK compete in their "Ease of Handling" rounds, very stylish, technical and elegant horsemanship.  On the Saturday night, the same riders compete against the clock in this incredibly dynamic sport in the final phase of their competition,.  In the speed rounds, the louder you cheer the faster they go!  This will begin the night as we have to allow for the course take down, but don't let this fool you, this section is an absolute highlight of the show and will blow the socks off the whole family! If you think show jumping is fun to watch... get ready for something even more special.  This section of the show is part of a National Competition run by The Association for British Working Equitation, the competition is open to all breeds of horse, not just Iberians. 

THE IBERIAN PARADE will see some of UK's best Spanish and Portuguese horses, in their traditional attire. The horses parade as a group, taking centre stage for their party pieces. You can expect to see lots of showing off - these horses are renowned for their beauty and exuberance, and the riders invest a vast amount of money into their outfits. You'll see Piaffe, passage, levades, spins and so much more, all set to Fiesta music to lift your spirits.

Tickets for the main Saturday night are selling fast, buy now for the best seats – we expect two sold out nights, do don’t delay! The Iberian Show Tour Team can also be found at both Royal Cornwall Show, and Devon County Show in daily displays

Watch the evening promotional video on youtube

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