Band named after local landmark

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Authored by Alison Smith
Posted Sunday, August 11, 2019 - 5:27pm

Local duo, Start Point, have a real sense of place, so much so that they have named themselves after the famous local landmark!  Both Andy Taylor and Nigel Smith grew up in Devon and still live here.  Their music is interesting and original, ranging from pop to rock and everything in-between.

Nigel Smith plays all the instruments and creates the musical arrangements whilst Andy Taylor provides the lyrics.  Their second CD Slowboat to Saul has just come out and is available through online retailer CD Baby or from their website.  It features items such as ‘Summerleaze Girl’ (a piece of melodic pop based around the well-known beach), quirky songs like ‘I could be a Hippy,’ the full on prog epic ‘The Devil’s Concubine’ and many more.

Previously they released another CD, Sea of Treason, which received critical acclaim on many digital radio stations.  The follow up is attracting interest everywhere from South Devon to Australia.  This ‘Slowboat’ is set to make a splash quite soon!

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