5 psychic readers to see near Exeter

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Posted Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - 8:07am

Psychic readers "visualize" something that is not ordinarily visible. Some foretell use a crystal ball, book, or even the surface of the water. If you want to figure out psychic paranormal energy and its consequences, set your to-do list before receiving a psychic reading, learn how to tackle your psychic powers. These factors depend on the interest and concentration you gave to these readings. 

Whether its love and relationships or career and work life, you can talk to an experienced and caring psychic about issues to do with your future. Thanks to today's technology within seconds you can explore your best suited psychic reader. Furthermore, you can find your hidden traits through online networks that you can benefit from a free tarot reading

If you are looking for Psychic Readers then we have come up with 5 psychic readers who are best known for their readings:

Hannah Jackson

Location: 22 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B

Email or 020 3984 7532

Membership: Health & Care Professions Council - Clinical Psychologist

Training: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology - 2015

Degree / Diploma: Royal Holloway University of London - DClinpsy - 2015, the University of Manchester - Psychology BSc - 2010.

She is a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in adult mental health, parent mental health, sexual wellbeing, gender dysphoria, and medically unexplained conditions. She has eight years of experience in NHS Services and currently works as a Senior Psychologist in a Perinatal Service.

Alura Rose

(603) 702-3428

Serving Rochester and the Surrounding Area

Awarded with Temple of Witchcraft's Award for Outstanding Service.

Over 35 years, Priestess Alura Rose is in the field of divination and witchcraft. She steps forward and twists her suffering for fairy tales with her experience in the craft. She has God gifted tarot reader abilities with phenomenal divination.

Erica Lee

Department of Psychiatry

300 Longwood Avenue, Fegan, 8th Floor


Contact: 617-355-6680

Erica lee empowers children, adolescents, and families in their mental health care. She develops individualized treatment plans that incorporate evidence-based practices and honor diverse needs and perspectives. 

Her therapeutic approach prioritizes highlighting patient and family strengths and teaching skills that help patients access their potential. She believes that by bringing kindness, empathy, and encouragement to collaboration, she can best build authentic relationships with patients that promote resilience and enhance well-being.

Laura E.west

Fortune teller and Lipsologist.

Dallas, TX - 1285 miles from Exeter

Fortune-telling & Lipsology readings are new interests of adults. She can help you to fabricate a supernatural sunset with her abilities.

Scottish Highland Tea Leaf readings are perfect for small groups or a bridal shower tea. She is one of those soothsayers who read tea leaves. Tea leaf readings prognosticate an event that will occur within three months. 

The tea leave card accumulates together with different cards forming different characters illuminated by Laura. Some typical symbols might include Hearts for love, birds flying for good news, trees for home life and dogs for a good friend. Her followers get a Tea Card with drawings of their symbols as well as the decoding of their reading as a token of remembrance for the special occasion.

Peter Gross


Hypnotist from Framingham - 500 miles from Exeter.

Peter Gross has filled hippodrome, amused corporate headquarters and even emerge at the White House. He has performed on cruise ships around the world and been invited to perform at Comedy Festivals in Montreal, Vancouver, and Charleston. Reading by peter is usually in the Boston area but he also performs regularly all over the North East.

His Mind Reading and Mentalism abilities are the best working platforms for the one day planners, who are looking for civilized and entertaining audiences who appreciate a mystery. Peter combines interactive comedy fun and amazing mind reading experiments that leave the most meticulous minds to mystify.

Above are the psychic readers you will find nearby Exeter. Do groundwork before you plan to consult any psychic reader? You can perform an Internet search on the person’s name and business or company name to find out basic information and background facts. Do compare readers, one that is best suited to your needs.