Which certification is best for a product owner?

David Humphrey
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Posted Friday, February 12, 2021 - 6:43am

Product Owner certification is one of the best credentials for someone who take their company's offerings seriously. Product ownership is a gradual function for highly skilled product managers or beginner Scrum masters. Recent global changes towards agile technique have made expert scrum product owner a much likable role. Individuals with product owner positions experience growth in their specific scrum frameworks.

Despite the above dynamics, a nagging question that many people keep asking themselves is: How can one become a successful product owner? You may also try to find out the certifications that can help you clinch that popular position. If you wish to acquire product owner certifications, please keep reading for more information.

Definition of product owner certification

The product owner certification comprises qualifications that make an expert and approved ScrumMaster or a scrum development group leader. Like a project management certificate, the qualifications allow you to work on behalf of a client and meet their requirements relating to a product.

Product owner certification equips professionals with the following skills and competencies:

  • Representation of the client: the certificate holder can represent the client to the scrum group members.
  • Knowledge: the holder possesses in-depth knowledge of products and their capacities.
  • Development mindset due to user skills.
  • Translation of stories: the role can translate narratives into practical solutions within the product backlog.
  • The desire for exact value-based prioritization

A survey of the top product certification courses

Product ownership is a complicated and dynamic area that requires more than credentials to be a professional scrum. However, a particular course can offer the knowledge and expert skills required to excel in your role. If you're looking for product owner certification, here are some courses you should consider:

Certified product owner

This course by Product Manager HQ is one of the top certifications to consider. The course will equip you with critical knowledge of being a product owner, succeeding in product owner negotiations, and how to beat the competition and stand out as the best candidate.

The course offers over 90 engaging lectures, over 10 hours of content, and some downloadable materials. The comprehensive course covers the following areas:

  • Basics of agile product management
  • Creating your business framework
  • Validation of your concepts
  • Patterns in teams and stakeholder management
  • Responding to product owner interview quizzes
  • How to shine in product owner job interview

The course targets product managers or those who want to study agile administration skills. The course has multiple introductory courses for those who lack product experience skills.

Scrum Alliance Certified Product Owner (CSPO)

This is a foundational course for the main stakeholders in the scrum group. The course educates the scrum master aspirants on conceptualizing an idea, executing it at the developmental stage, and displaying it to the right clients. Its content revolves around the following fundamentals:

  • Understanding the role of the current product owner
  • Description of the project objective and the development plan
  • Knowing end-users
  • Trying product assumptions
  • Building the product backlog

This course is relevant to product managers or stakeholders with the necessary experience of the Agile Scrum model. The course has multiple resources for those who lack prior scrum knowledge.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

ACP certification is a comprehensive course that targets future agile leaders. It equips the learner with skills and knowledge to be a vibrant, agile team member and step up the agile coach function. PMI-ACP covers several fields, such as:

  • The best approaches, such as Kanban
  • Management of Agile project
  • Quick response to shifting markets and client needs

The course is exceptional for enhanced product versatility and the ability to work smoothly with multiple groups. If you're a PMP certification, 30 expert development units, or more than eight months of agile skills, the course fits you.

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)

This is one of the professional courses offered by Scrum.org. The training comes with a committed two-day Scrum owner course covering various sections, such as value formation, maintaining, and product delivery within a scrum model. PSPO focuses on various areas, such as:

  • Agile task and product building
  • Generation of value from the current resources
  • Market analysis

The course targets any person with a basic knowledge of the real application of agile ideas in the current world.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

This course from Scrum Alliance is designed for leaders who should guide scrum teams by implementing scrum approaches in a legacy environment. CSM provides an in-depth knowledge of artifacts, activities, and multiple group functions within the agile architecture.


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