Top independent school in Devon on every measure for GCSEs

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Posted Monday, February 10, 2020 - 10:48am

The Maynard School has triumphed again with today’s GCSE Performance Tables, published by the Department for Education, putting the all-girls’ school in Exeter as the undisputed top performing independent school in Devon on every measure. 

This news mirrors yesterday’s A-level Performance Tables which also ranked The Maynard as the best of Devon’s independent sector in all key areas.

At GCSE level, the school officially is:

  • The best independent school in Devon and Cornwall for every result
  • 4th best independent school in the entire country on the all-important Attainment 8 score
  • 60th from 6274 schools nationally on the Attainment 8 score
  • The country’s 12th best independent school for the ‘Grade 5 or above in English & maths GCSEs’ measure

“Our students sit the recently reformed GCSEs (as opposed to the IGCSE) which are incredibly challenging and, because of their significantly increased rigour, they provide a greater platform on which to launch an A-level career,” explains Sarah Dunn, Headmistress. “It is absolutely fantastic to see that, even with this level of difficulty, the girls have been so successful again this year.”

“To be recognised as the highest performing school in Devon as well as nudging towards the very top of the tables on a national scale is a wonderful place to be and something we are very proud of. I have always maintained that there is so much more to school than purely an academic education and I remain in awe of our fantastic students who juggle incredibly exciting extra-curricular lives with outstanding success in their exams. We always say that happy girls are successful girls and these Performance Tables are testimony to this ethos!”