Students Take the Lead, QE Launches New Sixth Form Leadership Team

Authored by QueenElizabeth
Posted Thursday, September 30, 2021 - 11:43pm

QE is proud to announce the launch of its new Sixth Form Leadership Team.

Appointed at the end of last term, the team secured their places by having to embark on a serious of very rigorous of interviews with QE’s interviewers; Director of Post-16 and Head of English Jo Cherrett, Head of Sixth Form Vicky Evans, English Teacher Margaret Moran Mylett and PE Teacher Chloe Smith.

The interviewers all said they were extremely impressed with the maturity and confidence shown by the group, their passion for the school and QE’s values, ‘Respect, Reflection and Resilience’.

Head of Sixth Form Vicky Evans said, “I'm really looking forward to working with our new Student Leadership Team this year. Each one of them is so keen and eager to get involved with school life, talking to students from across all year groups and listening to how they can support and offer advice. They are passionate about promoting our core QE values and have already begun to offer drop in support sessions to students who might be struggling as we return to school.”

The team will be working across the school, as, mentors, facilitators, advocates and organisers in a number of areas including mental health, diversity and equality, events and extra-curricular activities. Their objectives are to ensure greater student investment and participation in day-to-day school operations, decisions and culture.

Head Student Katherine Prosser said, “I am excited to have been given this role and am looking forward to working peers, staff and students of all years, in order to make positive improvements throughout the school.”

Head Student Caleb Oliver added, “I was also very excited to be given the dual role of head student and I am looking forward to helping students from all year groups.”

Deputy Head Students

Alice Turner & Anya Tydeman


August Shaw - Lead Student for Diversity and Equality

Peter Maunder - Lead Student for Western Road Campus

Alice Turner - Deputy Head Student

Livvy Field - Lead Student for Barnfield Campus

Katherine Prosser - Head Student

Alice Gillick - Lead Student for Western Road Campus

Rowan Karkeek - Lead Student for Sport and Extra Curricular Activities

Katie Baptist - Lead Student for Mental Health Awareness

Caleb Oliver - Head Student

Mia Hodge - Lead Student for Arts and Creativity

Ella Durand - Lead Student for Diversity and Equality

Felicity Webber - Lead Student for Barnfield Campus

Fergus Kingsley - Sixth Form Event Coordinator

Ella Sidlow - Lead Student for Mental Health Awareness


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