QE Student Reaches Final of Betjeman Poetry Prize

Authored by QueenElizabeth
Posted Friday, October 18, 2019 - 11:09am

Year 8 student Vlad Mototolea reached the finals of the Betjeman Poetry Prize. Vlad was one of only six finalists in the country, shortlisted from thousands of entries, and received ‘Highly Commended’, for his poem My Place.

Founded in 2006, on the centenary of former poet laureate Sir John Betjeman’s birth, the Betjeman Poetry Prize is a writing competition that invites entries from 10 -13 year olds across the British Isles, who must write on the theme of ‘place’​.

Vlad travelled to London, with his family and teacher Amanda Middlemost, to receive his certificate from Wendy Cope, at the annual awards ceremony held at St Pancras Station. Vlad also won £50 and an invitation to attend a Poetry Camp.

His teacher, Amanda Middlemost, said; “We are hugely proud of Vlad for his efforts and subsequent recognition, which is very well deserved. Congratulations Vlad! It was a pleasure to attend the awards ceremony with Vlad and his family. Special mention and well done to Vlad’s fellow Year 8 students Hannah Kingdom and Isaac Olsson, who also made the final 50.”

Vlad’s poem will now appear in the Betjeman Poetry Prize’s annual anthology.

My Place

To wake up to

Hear the

Everlasting beep of the horns

Constantly smelling the sweaty workers

And every now and then the

Pong of the street men

In the door of the shops

The smell of my gran baking

A freshly caught tray of fish

Longing for dinner and sleep

Offensive language

Flying from the streets

Removing the skin of

Oranges and getting

My fingers dirty



I dream

Another day I scream

Vlad Mototolea (12)

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