Exeter is a Top 20 Best Student City 2023 according to student reviews

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Posted Tuesday, December 12, 2023 - 7:51pm

Exeter has placed #20 in StudentCrowd's Best Student Cities 2023 league table against more than 70 cities in the UK.

The city ranked as one of the best across all review categories: cost of living, eating out, night life, shopping and public transport. 

Exeter is home to the University of Exeter. In total, there are over 30,000 students in Exeter - making it a hub for higher education and student life in the region.

One student who rated their experience at Exeter on StudentCrowd said: "The city has a lot to offer. There are many shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs spread around. It isn’t like a strip where they are all on the same street. They are spread about. The best part about town for me are the three different Wetherspoons! Cheap and many to go to."

StudentCrowd analysed a total of 9,304 location reviews to select the top 20 cities in the UK. The winners are selected based on their average review score over the last 12-months. The average review scores are across the location specific review categories.

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