Calling all former QE students!

Authored by QueenElizabeth
Posted Monday, December 2, 2019 - 10:55am

QE Joins Forces with Educational Charity to Develop Alumni Links and Student Aspirations

Queen Elizabeth’s School has partnered with Future First, an education charity, who work with UK state schools to help them stay connected with their former students.  Future First currently work with over 10% of state schools in the country to fight educational inequality. Their research shows that nearly half of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t know anyone in a job they would like to do. This can affect young people’s perception of their own ability, their expectations of future success, and the extent to which they value their school work.

Access to relatable role models can broaden students’ horizons, helping them to imagine a world beyond their own. Having grown up in the same community and sat in the same classrooms former students are ideal volunteers to be such role models.

The school is interested in hearing from all former students not just the rocket scientists or the deep sea divers.  They want students to be able to learn about all of the career and education options out there.

Former students can choose exactly how much, or how little, they would like to be involved when signing up.  The school will then match the educational and work background of alumni to opportunities to help as they arise. 

Nationwide more than 240,000 people have already signed up to stay connected with their old school, inspiring young people as career and education role models, mentors, work experience providers, governors and fundraisers.

If you went to QE and are interested in signing up just go to the alumni page on the school’s website or go direct to the Future First portal:

Rupert Poole, Principal of Queen Elizabeth’s School, said, ‘This is a great opportunity for former students to make a real difference to the futures of our current students.  The transition from school to work is challenging.  The benefits of being exposed to a range of different careers in the classroom is now widely recognised.  Alumni volunteers can share their experience and broaden students' job horizons.  Role models are an integral part of our careers curriculum and will help inspire and motivate students to success, regardless of their background. '

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