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1-2-1 Mentors Celebrates Successful Delivery of National Tutoring Programme Catch-Up Sessions

Kay Thompson
Authored by Kay Thompson
Posted Thursday, June 27, 2024 - 11:05am

As the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) comes to a close this August, 1-2-1 Mentors proudly reflects on four years of impactful educational support. Selected as an approved Tuition Partner in the inaugural year, 1-2-1 Mentors was one of only 30 tutoring companies chosen nationally, underscoring its commitment to excellence and educational improvement.

The National Tutoring Programme, launched to address the educational challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, aimed to provide high-quality tutoring to students in need, ensuring that no child was left behind. Over the past four years, 1-2-1 Mentors has worked diligently within this framework, delivering essential catch-up sessions in English and Maths to over 3100 primary and secondary students across 30 schools in Exeter and Devon.

In this time, 1-2-1 Mentors has delivered nearly 14,000 sessions, each conducted by qualified teachers dedicated to fostering academic growth and confidence in their students. With an impressive attendance rate of over 91%, the commitment and engagement of both students and teachers have been evident.  The building of strong, supportive relationships, fostering an environment of trust and encouragement cannot be overlooked, significantly contributing to students’ academic and personal growth.

The positive outcomes of these sessions are best highlighted by the personal successes of the students. One student was excited to share with her 1-2-1 teacher that remembering the guidance she’d received in her sessions helped her know what to write in an English exam.  A younger student, who had previously struggled to work out whether they had the right dinner money was pleased to report that they now understood the maths to be able to do this on their own.

Beyond academic achievements, the sessions have profoundly impacted students' self-esteem and confidence.  One notable story comes from a student who expressed a newfound confidence in class participation, stating that they now feel comfortable putting up their hand to contribute during lessons.

"We are extremely pleased to have been part of the National Tutoring Programme from the very beginning," said Kay Thompson of 1-2-1 Mentors. "To have seen the entire project through and to witness the tangible improvements in students' academic abilities and personal growth is a tremendous success for us."

As the NTP concludes, 1-2-1 Mentors remains committed to continuing its mission of delivering high quality educational support to those who need it most, building on the experience and success gained over the past four years to further support students in their academic journeys.

About 1-2-1 Mentors

1-2-1 Mentors is a dedicated educational support organization focused on providing personalized tutoring to students in need. With a committed team of qualified teachers and mentors, 1-2-1 Mentors strives to foster both academic success and personal growth, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

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