What is a PR relationship and how can it help your business?

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 9:04pm

How is your company seen by the public? Have you ever stopped to think about it? Often, in the rush to reach goals, this part of the business is brushed aside, which ends up being quite a significant mistake. But where there’s a will there’s a way. Focusing on a PR relationship is what you need to boost your reputation.

But it's always good to bear in mind that not just any PR agency will be able to help you completely. If you have a company that is expanding to another country, it is always of interest to have a local agency to help you on your way.

Thriving in a new market is always a challenge. So you will need all the help you can get. When talking about Brazil, there are a series of particularities and nuances in the country that only Brazilian PR professionals will truly understand.

So if you have a company in Brazil, or are trying to expand your company there, keep reading to do it smartly.

Brazilian business scenario

Expanding your company to Brazil is an excellent thing to do. The country encompasses the largest market in Latin America and has everything required to generate capital in this new global political order.

This great power

With a GDP of 1.92 trillion, this great power is extremely receptive to foreigners. The country has a population of more than 203 million people and stands out in various markets, such as:

  • agribusiness
  • industry
  • technology

A market that is also conducive to technology development, Brazil is the country with the largest number of unicorns and investments in Latin America.

The PR market in Brazil

Brazil is a continental country influenced throughout history by various people, be it through immigration or native residents to the country. This has brought immense cultural richness. But, depending on which region you are in, customs may differ..

To reach the right target audience for your company, you need a well-planned strategy. An investment you won't regret is having a local PR to take care of the relationship with all your stakeholders in the country.

The PR market is experiencing significant growth in Brazil, with companies understanding the importance of the sector for their growth. This pent-up demand has boosted the sector, which grew 31.4% in 2022 - around R$4.9 million in revenue.

And this growth won’t stop. 67.9% of PR agencies in the country intend to expand their business, taking advantage of trends such as influencer marketing, since in Brazil there are practically the same number of influencers as doctors (500 thousand).

Investing in PR relationships can be the difference between the success and failure of your business. For this reason, it’s important to understand what PR does.

What does a PR agency do?

A PR strategy is extremely valuable for a company. It is this area of communication that will be responsible for disseminating information to the audience to influence their perceptions of your brand.

Having a good PR relationship is a way to control the conversation about your business and achieve better reputational results.

This involves:

  • relations with the press
  • crisis prevention
  • development of a communication plan
  • writing press releases
  • organizing events
  • conducting market research
  • managing contacts and relationships
  • creating content
  • communications advisory
  • handling criticism and suggestions

Why invest in a local PR relationship?

Your company can face cultural barriers. Having someone onboard from the country also can help to minimize said barriers.

The language barrier is the first one to overcome. Mostly because no matter if you are fluent in Portuguese, you’ll still struggle to process all the many different accents. In Brazil a “Mineiro” (someone born in Minas Gerais) will use different expressions to those from Pará, Rio de Janeiro, or Rio Grande do Sul, etc.

How having a PR relationship can help your business

PR is an area that works logically, directly and strategically. That's because a reputation isn't built overnight. It takes time, dedication and a solid communications plan.

The role of PR is to create beneficial relationships with the client and its stakeholders. This is done using the internet, press, websites, TV, as well as others.

Taking care of a brand's image and working to make it more visible is essential. Combined with engagement, boosting sales is a mere consequence.

Relationships are key to forming good, successful partnerships, and with a good local PR, you can borrow their network of relationships for your brand. You can also build these relationships gradually, with all being done in respect to other people’s priorities and changes in the market.

And in the internet market, PR gains another responsibility: doing everything almost immediately. But doing things quickly shouldn’t mean losing quality. You need a solid strategy for this to work.

With the digital world, also came another function of PR in the form of influencer marketing. These professionals are the ones who detect and build meaningful relationships with influencers. They are crucial in sales conversion, building authority in credibility.

This strategy is fundamental to following trends and remaining relevant in the market.

Stay up to date with PR strategies

Finally, you need to keep up to date with the main trends in the area. The competition is already too big for you to fool around and stay on the outside. Therefore, always try to invest in your brand’s reputation. It is what will mean the difference between success and failure.

Having a solid knowledge base of the market will help you to get where you want to be and to achieve your goals. Remember that you don’t need to do it yourself. You can count on professionals to do your PR relationship.

Meet Sherlock Communications

This publication was produced by Sherlock Communications, a Digital Marketing and PR agency based in Latin America. The agency has more than one hundred bilingual professionals working all over the region who are ready  to help your company thrive and overcome cultural barriers. Access their website to learn how they can offer your team continued support.


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