Traffic control services as an integral part of a safety strategy on your construction site

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Friday, July 24, 2020 - 11:28am

Consequences of the poor traffic control services on the site

Despite the importance of the traffic management project for the construction industries, it is often neglected and given too little attention. Road vehicles are one of the factors that can harm the site workers and all participants in and around the construction area. Thus, the services of a traffic control agency for the temporary procedure for ensuring the safe organization of work should be a top priority for businesses.

The majority of accidents during construction work are caused by a range of factors:

  •  violation of the rules of traffic management near hazardous work areas with the busy road movements;
  •  failing to ensure the appropriate tools and equipment for traffic management;
  • mistakes in the design of a temporary path and ways for the movement of workers, pedestrians, cars, and vehicles involved in construction activities;
  •  poor organization of traffic signs and violation of key principles of road safety.

Thus, for providing drivers and pedestrians with the possibility of unimpeded safe movement on transport routes adjusted to the construction site and a carefully drawn up plan on traffic control, Australian businesses involved in the building projects must hire reliable experts.

The main tasks for hired professionals of a traffic control agency

Spacious and convenient access to roads and paths, equipping the construction site with road signs and pointers, monitoring compliance of drivers with the maximum permissible speed of vehicles on the construction site should be ensured by experts. Traffic control on the site will also contribute to the correct performance of the following vital processes on the construction site:

Construction waste disposal. Before starting work, the construction site has to be cleaned from debris and unnecessary objects. Keeping it clean and is an important prerequisite for maintaining safety. For this purpose, it is necessary to regularly and promptly remove garbage and construction waste from its territory. And only competent traffic management on site can enhance and facilitate this part of building works.

Restricting access for unauthorized persons and animals. People who are not involved in the project cannot enter the area, as it can be dangerous for them as well as for animals who can also interfere with the work and cause incidents. Traffic management services also include control of the entry and exit of the construction site through special gates. For this purpose, temporary fences that meet certain parameters can be installed. Gates must be locked after working hours. There can be no other entries to the construction site.

Ensure a safe workplace. Traffic control services are aimed at the creation of safe working conditions for workers. The fulfillment of these tasks is solved with the help of temporary measures of organizing traffic, the type of which is selected after inspection of the place and based on the work that will be carried out. Thus, all risks of hazardous outcomes are eliminated.

How to choose experts in traffic management?

If you want a comprehensive approach of professionals that in addition to mentioned above obligations must create a document with indicating crucial information for traffic control, predicting the future impact and disturbance of traffic, considering alternative routes for all road users, then before signing any contract, consider and analyze some aspects of cooperation:

  • staff training and expertise of the particular agency;
  • flexibility of provided services and the ability to quickly respond to changes offering suitable solutions;
  •  the traffic control methods applied by experts.

For effective traffic management solutions, pick a team of experts from the UVS Group agency. Having years of experience and providing the careful selection of traffic controllers, they will ensure you with the strategy adjusted to your specific needs.


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