Registration now open for the 2013 Exeter Business Games

Following the huge success of the 2012 Exeter Business Games, businesses in Exeter are being encouraged to register for the 2013 Games. 24 teams from Exeter-based businesses took part in the 2012 games and with matched funding from Thomson Reuters, this year’s participants raised over £5000 for local charity The Exeter Foundation. The Exeter Business Games will take place during May and June 2013, comprising of various events such as Ten-Pin Bowling, a Pub Quiz and Boat Racing on the Exe. Exeter Business Games Co-ordinator, Debbi Moore, said: “The 2012 games were a pleasure to witness; there was fun, enthusiasm and energy from the teams at every event.” “We’re excited about the 2013 Games already: as well as the events that everyone knows and enjoys, we are introducing some exciting new additions!” To make the most of the Exeter Business Games network, the organisers are planning social events for participants earlier in 2013 before the Games starts as well as the inaugural Business Games Awards, to celebrate efforts of the participants after the Games. The Exeter Business Games continues to be very popular with its competitors, with teams often returning year on year. Anette Grahns from Thomson Reuters said: “Our participants came into the office fired up by the previous evening’s event – great buzz with the staff." Another participant said: “The health and wellbeing of our staff is an important factor in ensuring the success of our business, so the Games fit our values perfectly – to have fun, try new activities and meet new people.” Any Exeter based business is welcome to participate and due to its popularity early registration is encouraged. If you have any questions  or if you would like us to visit you and explain more about the games please email or call 0845 643 2385.
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