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Proven to work tips for Web Design that Drives Sales

Authored by rosarito91
Posted Friday, December 4, 2020 - 12:16pm

Merchants who are shifting their physical shop to the digital one require only one thing, profit. They want their customers to jump to the next step, which includes buying or contacting. This jump is known as a conversation, and the step is known as a converter. In this step, your convert becomes your customer. However, if high traffic for your website but still have fewer convertors, you must understand that you have some flaws in your website. 

However, it is proven that numerous factors help in the assessment of the convertor. According to a study, about 80% of people will assess your website by visiting it for the first time. For them, the first impression is the last impression. However, it is also proven that a customer needs only 70 seconds or less to assess you. Most people will evaluate you by  seeing your web design and features (80%), whereas many people will assess you by seeing your credibility.

Tips for Web Design that Drives Sales

You must know that most people visit your website to assess you. They are not interested in buying any product but will inspect your entire product to see your website’s efficiency and credibility. If you want to make these people give you thumbs up for your website, then you must look at the leading websites in terms of your field. However, here are some strategies that can help you to design a website that drives sales.

Make your Website Colorful

You must always make your Call To Action (CTA) button visible to the customers. This button will directly land the customers on the page where they can sign themselves up. However, specific colors will depict online traffic on your website. If the Call To Action button changes from green to red, there is an increase of about 20% in conversion; similarly, if the color changes from green to yellow, there is an increase of about 6% in conversions. However, you must know your customers before you imply any color to your CTA button.

Make your Website Navigation Easy

People who are going to visit your website will be focusing on the product that they will buy. Therefore, they will be impressed if your website has highlights and heading included in it. These heading and headlines make the navigation easy for the customers. Moreover, getting lost in an online shopping website is very easy, and people find it very frustrating if they have to scroll through many things to find the product they came in search for. Therefore, providing a search button or a heading can help them navigate the product they are searching for.

Have short contact forms

Are you planning to have contact forms on your websites? Make sure that you have your contact forms short. People find it very disgusting if they are asked to fill in all their information one by one. Moreover, filling their name, pet name, city, state, Pincode, and email ID can be time-consuming and frustrating for the customer who is filling the form. However, you can transform your form by asking the people for their name, email ID, and Pincode. Moreover, it would be best if you imply the captcha system and include picture recognition.

Have plenty of free offer

If you are starting your website and want to provide the people with free offers and items, make sure the word is highlighted and catchy. People are thrilled to see free offers and giveaway stuff and love to visit those websites that provide more freebies. However, you must first understand what your customer wants and how they will be attracted to your offers. Moreover, you must give more offers than your competitors as people love to visit a website that provides more free giveaways.

Bottom Line

Creating a website is very easy. There is nothing much to do for creating a website. However, some things are of concern after you create your website. There are things like website credibility, navigation, offers, and many more that can affect your website’s online traffic. Moreover, you must look at whether your traffic is giving you profit or not. If not, you must look for the reason.

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