Fresh food packaging solutions

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, February 22, 2021 - 10:45pm

What is the most basic activity we do for our daily household needs? Buying groceries, primarily vegetables.

A vegetable packaging machine is a necessity that is not considered that often. The idea of Fresh'n'Go for packaging fresh food products such as fruit and vegetables has gained immense popularity as it offers an imaginative solution to a simple problem. A solution to improve the attractiveness and market sales of the daily food items. But since it is a highly frequent activity, comfort and freshness are two factors that are imperative

New innovative products such as Schur Star System's new Fresh'n'Go bags are specifically designed to provide the customers with a greater degree of comfort and freshness for their food products. The re-seal bag technology and special laser perforation technology from Schur provide the Fresh'n'Go Bags to be easily accessible and also increase the shelf life of the product by cutting of interaction of external microbial through it.

The goods from Fresh'n'Go provide the following benefits:

  • Better shelf life
  • Best customer satisfaction
  • Handle with ease
  • Multi-use applications

Decades of expertise in the packaging of fresh goods have taken such innovative products to the point where the product range is broad with new ideas always on the brink. A few of such products are:

  • Pillow Bag - Pillow Bag is a classic food storage option and a widely accepted one.  Its design facilitates even the delivery of goods inside the bag to secure it while still making it completely accessible to the consumer.
  • Handle Bag - Handle Bag is designed to make it simple for you to carry your goods. The integrated handle makes it much easier to transport.  It also protects the contents as the holes spread uniformly over the bag's surface, facilitating air circulation.
  • Zip-pop Bag - Zip-Pop Bag is the flagship for fresh packaging and brings comfort to another level.  When packed into the Zip-Pop Bag, the food can be cooked even in  the microwave.
  • Shape Bag - Shape Bags are available at the point of sale to distinguish the product in front of buyers. The finest packaging trends fade into the shelf exposure with their frequent usage. This is the exact concept behind the project – to delight the consumer with an unconventional bag design and with visuals of choice.
  • Jar Bag - Jar Bag has an outstanding and stunning build structure. It is a kind of perfect bag to dress, highlight and secure the food items. It is manufactured using a reclosable zipper, a container that saves room on the rack and increases the product's shelf life while being presented carefully.
  • Net Bag - Net Bag is highly compatible with the patterns of today. The handling and built-in zip make the product easier to ship and store.  The air circulation net is used for a significant reason for preventing waste from being infested and degrading – the breathability, which is essential to keep citrus fruit, potatoes, oranges, roots, and similar food items fresh.


It can be observed that every stage in the design of these products is focused on the requirement of safety of products, consumer demand, creativity, optimization of procedures, marketing objectives, the convenience of end-users. Reduce wastage and experience more comfort in your daily activity by using innovative products such as Fresh'n'Go. 




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