Everything You Need To Know about Comparing Business Gas Rates

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Friday, November 18, 2022 - 8:39am

Many companies need help finding the ideal business gas. Not all businesses require a gas supply to work. But they still must ensure they get the best deal possible to keep expenses down.

If your company runs on gas, this article will provide you with all the information you need to evaluate prices and find a better offer.

Which commercial gas rates are offered?

Instead of setting up a new domestic energy tariff, transferring corporate energy suppliers is more complex because you need to select from various preset tariffs.

Instead, you need to connect with each provider directly to learn about their commercial gas rates. Before providing you with a business gas estimate based on this information:

  • Address
  • energy consumption pattern
  • credit history

Each supplier will evaluate your business gas rate. This factor will provide the essential information for an energy business comparison.

Given that no two firms will ever have identical commercial gas contracts, it can be challenging to determine which tariff is ideal for your needs. On the plus side, our customised solution ensures that you obtain a bargain that completely meets the demands of your business.

Here are the most typical gas rates available to small and medium-sized enterprises so you can see how your tariff compares to the rest of the market:

Out-of-contract rates

Your provider will put you on its out-of-contract rates if you let a set arrangement expire without organising a new one.

Even though they are frequently more pricey than the rates supplied by a fixed tariff, you can change at any moment with just 28 days' notice.

Fixed-rate contract

With a fixed-rate business gas contract, you may set unit prices in advance with your supplier and stick to them for the term of the agreement.

These prices are typically competitive, but you should always shop for business gas before accepting any offer to ensure you can't find a better deal.

Out-of-contract rates

Your provider will put you on its out-of-contract rates if you let a set arrangement expire without organizing a new one.

Even though they are frequently more pricey than the rates supplied by a fixed tariff, you can change at any moment with just 28 days' notice.

Deemed rate tariff

If you and your supplier can only agree on a new contract after your current contract expires, a deemed rate tariff will take effect. This tariff operates on a 28-day rolling schedule.

You can leave these more expensive tariffs with 28 days' notice if you choose to leave them. Deemed contracts have inflated prices.

Rolling Contract

A rolling contract binds you to a fresh, one-year commitment at exorbitant costs. However, you can agree to lower interest rates by signing a new, long-term contract with blended and extended terms.

These new prices will still be less affordable than those you may find elsewhere. Rolling contracts are less frequent than they once were since most providers now offer considered rates, a much more equitable pricing structure.

You're paying significantly more than usual for the gas your company uses if you're on deemed rates or a rollover contract, so you should look to change as soon as possible.

How to compare commercial gas prices

Even if you believe your current energy provider is providing affordable rates, there is always a chance that a better offer is available.

The "renewal window," which is often six months before the contract ends, is when companies are only permitted to move under the conditions of commercial energy contracts.

Your existing energy provider should send you a renewal proposal whenever your energy contract is about to expire.

However, these terms are rarely attractive, so it makes sense to compare business gas prices to see if there are lower rates available.

Using a trader or comparison service might save a lot of time and effort compared to calling around several vendors.

  • Enter your postcode to research business gas insurance quotes.
  • You'll get a quick call from one of the energy specialists after responding to a few online questions, and they can help you locate the best commercial gas rates for your business.
  • Once you choose the best commercial gas offer for your business, they'll take care of everything else.

Gas prices are inflating: Should You Be Worried?

The cost of gas at the wholesale level has recently increased, which has affected the prices that gas suppliers may offer their clients.

When you file a quote, your provider can walk you through the tariffs and suppliers that are available and assist you in locating the offer that is best for your company.

How is the price of my company's gas determined?

When calculating the cost of your company's gas, you should take into account two primary factors:

Unit Pricing

The cost per kWh of gas your company consumes will remain constant for the duration of your contract if you're on a fixed rate tariff. Regardless of the wholesale market price, your variable-rate tariff may increase or decrease.

Standing Charge

The daily amount you pay your provider to manage your services and deliver gas to your location.

Additional factors that may affect the cost of your business gas include:

  • the dimensions of your company
  • the status of your company's credit
  • the nature of your business


Why should you change your commercial gas provider?

There are many justifications for changing your commercial gas provider. Compare prices is typically the first motivation.

Having terrible customer service is another, as is simply wanting a different commercial gas tariff.

Your company's functioning depends on having a reliable gas supply so that any interruptions could hurt your revenue. Excellent customer service will be essential to resolve any concerns quickly and effectively.

The energy market is very unpredictable, so it's vital to ensure you get the best deal. Check if you can get a better bargain on fuel costs before your renewal period begins.

Searching about and comparing the available current market rates while you are approaching the last six months is worthwhile.

As your company expands, you will pay more on gas and energy, making it even more crucial to ensure you are on the most affordable tariff.

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