Definitive guide to make successful link building on your website

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Monday, February 22, 2021 - 8:01am

SEO, both On-Site and Off-site, is a decisive and crucial factor for companies that want to rank in the top positions of Google, but reality shows us that many companies don’t find the highest quality SEO services, and therefore lose money and efforts in strategies that don’t give them the expected results.

That is why in this guide we will focus on Off-Site SEO and how to obtain backlinks that will drive your website to the top of Google.

Creating Backlinks, or technically link building, is a technique that achieves excellent results, and can lead a company's website to move up positions effectively in a short period of time.

The fundamental thing to keep in mind is that within link building there are many strategies that are used but not all have the same results.

1. Packages of backlinks in directories

Online directories such as Yelp, TripAdvisor or major forums can be an alternative to start your link building strategy, but it can be a strenuous job with mediocre results.

These packages can be purchased for little money but the results will also be lower than performing link building on high quality sites.

 2. Link building in main newspapers

This strategy is the most relevant to obtain great results since you will publish content in newspapers in different countries or areas with high quality metrics.  Therefore a link there will totally boost your business and website.

On this topic we spoke with Ivana Nazareno, communication manager of SeoFy, which is an American company that carries out the link building of important brands around the world.

She told us that many clients are surprised at the results they get when they start working with SeoFy, and how cost-effective these practices are.  Posting on relevant websites and newspapers not only boosts a company's SEO but also does excellent brand reputation work.

SeoFy specializes in Spanish link building in Latin America and offers also quality content writing and publishing in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and German.

3. Guest Post on guest websites

This alternative is more effective than “Directory Option” and can achieve very good results if done with perseverance and dedication.

The method consists of making agreements or alliances with blogs and websites of a similar niche to your company to provide them with high-quality content, in exchange for a mention with a dofollow link on their respective web pages.

Here the most important thing is content of value for readers and having tools like Ahrefs that lets you know which blogs or sites have interesting metrics to publish.

4. SEO Outreach

The SEO outreach service is about referring the search for sites of interest to a specialized company.

In simple words, companies hire an agency and specify in which sites, niches or countries they want to create the backlinks for their brand or website.

In this sense, the communication manager of SeoFy affirms that many of her clients have managed to position themselves in international markets such as Japan, Brazil or Europe thanks to an outreach SEO process, focused on publishing in high quality international newspapers.

Additionally, the expert highlights that Link building services are not as expensive as is usually thought, and the ROI of these actions guarantees that the positive results are greater than the investment.

About the runtime, Ivana affirms that a correct link building strategy is a constant process and not a specific and isolated publication.

The link building it’s a strategy that will accompany the company growth , and is recommendable that will be a continued process to remain on the top of Google, since your competitors may be doing it too.


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