Changing your job and entering a new industry

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Thursday, September 2, 2021 - 10:59pm

Times are constantly changing, and industries are always evolving. If you feel that you have had enough of your current job, and you feel ready for a change, then what should you be looking at, and what industries should you be focusing on? Within your current job or role, you will have skills and qualifications that will be transferable; all you have to do is decide which route you want to take.

Deciding Which Direction You Want to Take

Do you see yourself entering a small industry local to your area, or are you looking to branch out and go a bit further? There are vast amounts of choices on offer to you, and if you do not narrow down your search criteria, then you will struggle to establish where your interests and focus lies. So, do you have a hobby that you want to turn into a career? Or, are you looking to retrain and enter a completely new industry?

Hands-On or Office Based

The type of industry you want to go into will very much depend on your personality type and your approach to work. For example, if you like to carry out a more physical role in your day-to-day work, then a hands-on job within the manufacturing industry may be appropriate for you. However, if you enjoy the comforts of being in an office and working in an office all year round, then you may benefit from looking at the engineering industry and focusing on more of a behind-the-scenes designing role.

Looking at an Industries Background and Looking Forwards

Before you jump into a new industry, it is always wise to research the background and history of the industry you are looking to leap into. For example, when it comes to what to know about the UK steel industry, you should discover that it is no longer a major player in the market, but not all is lost. It had a glorious run and domination of the world market in the 1800s, and even going through to the 1900s, and it has diversified industries, but it is not the powerhouse it once was. Of course, finding out as much as you can about an industry, whether good or bad, will help you to establish if it is right for you and your future plans.

The Engineering and Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing and engineering are industries that are growing and developing. From engineering new electric car engines to manufacturing more energy-efficient flat-pack homes, there are so many opportunities that they can seem almost endless! With manufacturing, you get to see how something starts and how it looks when it is finished, and this may give you the job satisfaction you desire and deserve. With engineering, you get to improve how items work and how they function, and you also get to enhance what is currently on the market. Both industries offer you the opportunity for growth and development.

Mentally and Physically Preparing for a New Role

Of course, changing your job and entering a new industry requires both physical and mental strength and determination. Changing what you know, accepting new challenges, and moving forwards with your life is positive. Being ready for the change is essential, and if you are not ready and willing to make a change, then you will struggle to adapt to your new industry and role. As a result, you may end up with poor job satisfaction, which is, of course, not what you set out to achieve.

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