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Liv Butler
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Posted Thursday, October 7, 2021 - 7:45am

Blogger outreach services are seeing rising popularity year on year, thanks to their sharp and noticeable results. Before you venture into using these kinds of services, its important that you have a decent overall understanding of what they are and how they work. Blogger outreach has been a term coined to mean a variety of different things. Ultimately, it’s a process which can help your website gain a signifcant amount of increased exposure online.

Learning about blogger outreach

A blogger outreach service where website owners get in contact with other website owners who are well placed to talk about your services and link to your website. Doing this can help to increase search engine rankings for your website as well as the number visitors coming to your website.

Whilst this process seems simple, it is more advanced than some people may realise due to the competitive nature of getting backlinks and improved SEO score online. This is one of the main reasons why using a dedicated blogger outreach service is amongst the best services you can choose to ensure that your website steadily progresses online and makes changes to how high it is appearing amongst some of the top search results.   

There are quite a few blogger outreach companies out there that deal specifically with the process of finding placements for your online business, and will handle the entire process on your behalf, like

How are businesses utilising these kinds of services?

Overall, there are a variety of different kinds of ways through which businesses worldwide are utilising these kinds of services.  One of the many ways in which these services can be delivered is through reviews of products. In some instances, businesses may send out a physical product for a social media influencer to review. This product may be accompanied by a promotional subscription or alternatively a cash payment for the influencer who is reviewing and testing the product so that it gets considerably more exposure.

As well as product reviews, a more common form of blogger outreach which is utilised to reach larger audiences is a blogger outreach link or article. This is when another website advertises your business by adding a link to content relevant to your niche. This service can be purchased separate from other packages and is a brilliant way to grow a business further online.

This can be particularly effective for smaller businesses who lack backlinks. Having more backlinks pointing towards your website is good so long as the website is good quality and has relevant insightful content similar to your business niche. The same concept applies to the number of referring domains that you have linking back towards your website as well.

Tips for finding the best wervice

When you are on the hunt for blogger outreach services, there are a number of different kinds of things which you should try and look out for. One of the main criteria which you may want to consider before you choose a company for this service is affordability.

Affordability is key as you should try and aim for a combination of value for money as well as a high-quality service. It can be difficult to strike this balance. However, once you have found a business that meets these criteria you may wish to significantly expand and explore your business growth options through a variety of different outreach programmes.

When seeking out new services, if possible, try and focus on businesses and organisations that specialise in the niche that you operate in. The more relevant the website is to the services that you offer, the better your chances are of greatly improving your SEO and receiving a very valuable backlink.  

The more relevant backlinks that you have linking to your website, the better your SEO performance will be online.  SEO is unfortunately one of the most difficult aspects of online marketing to predict. This is because Google and other search engines consistently change their search engine algorithms in order to keep search engine results fair and diverse.

However, it should be noted that having blogger outreach links built are likely to create long lasting credible links which will help to ensure your website keeps a high SEO score well into the future. Its important to get these from reliable sources such as high-profile bloggers or businesses.

Can I access blogger outreach services for free?

This is a question that comes up a lot, some bloggers do offer to feature businesses and organisations in their blogs, but most of the time this will be for a fee or alternatively in return for rewards such as company products or membership to organisation. However, some bloggers do offer links in return for links back to their content or website.

In this scenario you may be asked to feature a bloggers post or social media profile on your website or blog. There are both benefits and drawbacks to this strategy, especially if the social media influencer/blogger has a lot of traffic to their website.

One good way in which you can access increasing numbers of blogger outreach services for low cost or alternatively for free is by emailing a variety of different bloggers and websites. A good way in which you can do this is by sending personalised emails. Take note of the content that is being produced by a blogger or website, make positive observations about It and put forward a proposal that might benefit you and the person or organisation that you are emailing e.g., link for a link or comments featured on your website with a link back to theirs.

Some tips to help improve your blogger outreach strategy

Blogger outreach is different from other forms of digital marketing for a variety of different reasons. One of the reasons you will want to use bloggers in order promote your organisation or website is the fact that they often have community followings behind them.

When you are choosing who to use for these kinds of services, there are a variety of different kinds of factors and considerations which you should take into account.

Some of the main things that you should consider before using these kinds of services are:

  • How well do you know the blogger? - Be prepared to do some research into what they do so that you can make an appealing blogger outreach proposition to them.
  • Consider how you can assist them- Think of what you have to offer In return e.g. cash payment, featured post, positive feedback on their blog, referrals etc.
  • What is your budget? – Have a reasonable budget in mind for these kinds of services. If your budget is being stretched, consider alternative options unless the services being offered are exceptional.
  • Clear and concise communication- When you are contacting prospective blogger outreach providers. Be clear and concise about the services you would like to receive. This way you can come to an agreement with the blogger or organisation more easily.
  • Setting goals and targets- Setting goals and targets prior to using these services is a good way of ensuring that you are planning in advance for the growth of your website.






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