Benefits Window Film Can Bring to Your Commercial Space

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Monday, January 11, 2021 - 6:10pm

When you think about window tint, you probably picture blacked-out windows of a car, which is an obvious example, but not the only way windows can be tinted for useful effect. Commercial windows can be tinted with a special window film which is useful in many ways similar to why people decide to get their vehicle windows tinted.

This is something that every business owner should consider for a commercial space because it can help reduce costs in various ways. As a business owner, you’re likely looking for any kind of way to cut costs in an effective way, but here is why window film for your commercial space might be the best-kept secret yet.

More Privacy

First and foremost, you don’t want to see eyes pry all the time. If you have a ground floor level commercial space, sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to see people staring into office cubicles or private spaces just outside the window. Likewise, you could have important meetings or offices that you don’t want guests to be able to look directly into. The window film at shows how easy it can be to prevent this, improve privacy, and reduce this issue. The film comes in different colors and opacity to help protect privacy inside and outside of your commercial space.

Safer Against Crime

If protection against privacy wasn’t enough, how about protecting against crime? Because the window film is an added component to the glass, the film actually helps reduce the ease of someone trying to smash a window. This might be an issue you deal with often and it is unsightly to attach metal bars or other kinds of protective barriers to windows. It looks low-quality and it costs a fortune, so not only do you keep the business safe and protected, but you save money on the theft loss and save money on protective measures.

Visually Pleasing

Any business can use a little added spruce of good looks and window film is there to help you in a small, but noticeable way. As mentioned, it looks a lot better than metal bars and it is a useful way to provide security and privacy without looking garish. Window film can be used for effect in just making glass look more attractive than simply transparent so many business owners use it to help change the dynamic of the office. It adds a little character without being too subtle to be noticed or too overt that it’s off-putting. It’s a nice in-between that still adds a good look.

Protect Against Sun Fading

The sun is only amplified by windows and you probably notice on a hot, sunny day that the UV rays are absolutely blasting your equipment inside the office or store. It might seem like a small inconvenience now, but those sun rays are actually harming your equipment more than you realize. This can cause fading of surfaces like wood flooring or wall paint, and it could be causing damage to electronics over long periods of time. Using window film and tinting helps keep those UV rays out so everything inside stays fade-free.

Reduced Heat

On the subject of UV rays, they aren’t just getting in and harming the paint, flooring, products, or equipment. The increased amount of sun getting into your commercial space is going to heat things up quickly which can make people feel uncomfortably warm, even if the temperature isn’t necessarily high. It’s also distracting to be squinting through the sunlight. Using window film will help you combat rising temperatures inside and keep everyone cool and comfortable.

Save on Energy

Every business owner wants to hear they’re saving money and a money pit can be energy and utility costs. Just like reducing heat, the window film is going to reduce costs spent on keeping a space cooled or heated. Firstly, you won’t need to crank the A/C to keep everyone from sweating buckets but secondly, you can get a moderate transparency film that still lets in enough light to naturally warm the building or room(s). This is an environmentally conscious way to keep the space’s temperature controlled without blowing your budget on energy costs.

Finding ways to save money and improve a business seems contradictory, but it’s really easy to do when you think outside the box. If you’ve ever seen a commercial space with tinted or film-coated windows, you will be surprised to find out that the benefits are numerous and effective, and for more than just saving money.


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