Quicklotz's Amazon Mystery box: Pros and cons

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, September 28, 2020 - 12:28pm

The world is under continual transformation, so does the style in business. The procedure of liquidation functions in such a method that everybody benefits at the end. The concept of selling returns or overstock goods is not new, but with the emergence of Amazon; it’s taken on a whole new level and there’s no chance for loss. If you are keen in the liquidation business, you must have come across Quicklotz Mystery box.  Quicklotz operates as a bridge between large retailers and small businesses. It has been functioning for over 35 years and has earned a strong reputation. This company is one of the finest ones in the sector of bulk merchandise. They have consumers in 45 nations around the globe. When big companies like Amazon find it troublesome to store their old or unsold items, Quicklotz comes to their rescue and collects the items off their hands. Quicklotz, the wholesaler providing these boxes, purchases the truckloads in enormous quantities and simply takes the merchandise and breaks it down providing it in little lots to the public. This exceptional stratagem enables them to reach a whole new market of those who don’t own a warehouse still and can’t bear the expense of buying a complete truckload. And these products are just as good as new without any damage. If you can crack the auction at a reasonable value, it’s a win-win! Now, the question remains: Is it a good platform to purchase inventory? Find out!


  • Diverse range of products and goods available.
  • You can grab electronics, accessories, home appliances, clothing for every age group including both men and women, furniture, shoes, kitchen-wares, home decor items, baby care products including toys and sporting stuff, tools and auto.
  • Extremely reliable.
  • Goods offered at various package sizes, such as boxes, pellets and truckloads.
  • If you are capable of grabbing a fair deal, then surely you are going to make a large profit.
  • They also provide face to face communication.
  • 100 items available in the box.
  • Render chances to touch and feel the products that you’re going to purchase.
  • Quicklotz sources its inventory from prestigious and trustworthy retailers and e-commerce traders, like Amazon. That assures you that the goods are quality verified.
  • Best items at an unbelievably lower rate compared to most other liquidation traders.
  • It will help you to study the rates at which these products can sell, and what type of competition you have.
  • Sourcing the items straight from the brands.
  • Mostly all retail-ready goods.
  • Both manifested, and un-manifested lots are obtainable.
  • Retail value per product averages $5 to $30 or more!
  • Effortless payments and speedy delivery.
  • Efficient consumer service rendered by professionals.
  • The greatest advantage has to be the return on investment, because you are receiving these items at approximately 10% of their value; and so you are left with a huge margin for profit!
  • Prompt actions will be taken just in case of any discrepancies.
  • In case of any kind of minor damage, the consumer will be informed about it.
  • Daily deals and offers are provided.
  • Your rate is $2.95 per product delivered to you!
  • Excellent place for retail and to launch a systematic liquidation business.
  • You can purchase directly by wiping out the amount that is being drained on brokers, agents, and distributors.
  • In few cases, you may get 1 product that will pay for the entire box.
  • They render abundant guidance in order to assist you buy the right type of products.
  • Not only in purchasing but also in selling your merchandise, this company becomes your saviour.
  • Easy and transparent auctions for selling products.


  • The cases, truckloads, and pallets are vended in a mystery system that the consumers may not discover the item category ahead of time.
  • Persons who don’t love surprises might be anxious.
  • It has being stated in few instances that the estimated delivery date gets delayed.
  • There have been incidents where the list doesn’t match the products inside, but the consumer service executives would certainly take care of it.
  • One has to adhere to the policies of the auction, i.e., the amount should be paid within two days or else it’ll get cancelled.

Final Comments                   

If you already have your own e-commerce site you can also upload these products for sale there and generate even higher profits! If not, there’s always the age old flea market. Also try to factor in the shipping rates, packaging costs etc. so that you have an accurate picture about the profit you can obtain. Put in a bit of labour to advertise your listings – ensure that you use significant tags in the title and description of the product. Once you purchase one, you will wish to purchase them over and over... 


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