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5 Essential Printing Marketing for your Small Business

Euan Langley
Authored by Euan Langley
Posted Saturday, March 26, 2022 - 3:49pm

Digital marketing in the modern age is without a doubt the most powerful way to market you and your business but traditional marketing is still an incredibly powerful tool that should be used to its full advantage.

Print marketing has definitely decreased in its value but that does not mean that it still can’t be used as a powerful tool in all marketing campaigns and strategies. Traditional print marketing can really help with any business no matter the size and that is why many large and small companies alike still use it today with great success.

There are many different types of print marketing that can add a personal and professional touch that many consumers these days are looking for as they become more and more dissatisfied with all the online advertising that they interact with on a day-to-day basis.

1: Business Cards

This is a classic and viable way to network effectively and get you and your business out there in the world. Business cards can really add a special something when it comes to showing potential clients that you are serious and well prepared. Doing everything online also removes that human connection aspect that many people are looking for before they do business with someone. Putting real care into the print and design of the business cards is really important. That's why it is usually best to go with professionals in the print industry from wherever you operate such as Printingprogress, this can be the deciding factor in whether or not the potential clients work with you in the future.

2: Brochures

When brochures are used effectively, they can do a lot of the selling for you. When a brochure is used to the best of their ability, they can create that need in the person that then creates that much-desired sales conversion. When using a brochure, you need to really understand who will be reading it so again putting that care and forethought in is absolutely required.

3: Catalogues

The heyday of the catalogue is most certainly over but there is a whole range of consumers out there that certainly still use them. They are also a great way of showing off your best products and services in an offline capacity. Again, you need to consider who your customer base is and how effective brochures will be with them.

4: Mail/ Letters

This can be especially effective when you run a business in a smaller local area, just making customers aware that you exist as an option in the first place is half the battle when it comes to increasing your customer base. A key thing to keep in mind with this though is that you really need to make sure not to overdo it when it comes to sending out flyers/letters as you don’t want to annoy people to the point that they specifically avoid your business as this can sometimes happen.

5: Newsletters

A great way to keep people up to date with what your business is currently doing and what it is going to be doing. Again, this really depends on your customer base as there is the potential that your specific client base might not be interested.

Understanding your Base

The main takeaway from print marketing is you need to understand your customer base, doing the market research to be able to fully understand what will be effective and what will not be is key in an effective marketing campaign. Print for many people is something that they still really focus on for learning about new businesses and for some people they don’t think about that at all.

A big thing to consider too is where your business operates and how consumers interact with your business; if your business is a physical shop in the local area then print can be incredibly successful. Whereas if you are global and online-only then print might not be as useful.

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