Where to showcase your new invention? Try Vernadsky Challenge, Max Polyakov initiative

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Posted Monday, September 4, 2017 - 3:46pm

Vernadsky Challenge is a great platform for your hardware startup to get recognition and get support from Noosphere Ventures and Max Polyakov.

You are a young engineer or scientist full of ideas. You may already have a project outline or even a prototyped invention that you would like to showcase to the world. You only lack financial resources for the implementation of your great idea that may potentially change people’s lives. The good news is that you are in demand. There are a lot of potential investors who are on the outlook for high-potential ideas like yours. Look for them on the Internet, on festivals, challenges and exhibitions. Here are a few places you can start:

Vernadsky Challenge

The Challenge is based in Ukraine, but international participants are nevertheless encouraged to apply. Your pitch can be done remotely via Skype to save on the flight tickets. Noosphere Ventures allows 75 thousand dollar grant fund to back the best ideas presented at the Challenge. In addition to the financial support in grant, Noosphere Ventures, managed by Max Polyakov, offers operational consultancy and managerial advice as well as the access to the database of Noosphere Ventures innovative solutions.

This year, Max Polyakov opened the event, saying that the competition is not organized only for the sake of the teams participating in it, but with the aim to encourage more young talents to present their ideas in the future events. With the Challenge Max Polyakov aims to sow the seeds of passionarity – the appetite for overachievement – that will ultimately help build up the noosphere.


WIIPA is another alternative global-scale platform that helps inventors present their ideas. WIPA hosts competitions and engineering exhibitions worldwide under its patronage. All its 26 member nations organize annual events that allow local talents to showcase their projects, plans and prototypes in many spheres of science and industry that may be pitched to investors as part of the event.


ATCE technology conference is held in the city of Texas. The gathering of SPE members that happens every year invites engineering and science talents from all over the world to demonstrate their products and inventions to peers and investors. This conference will let you pitch whatever you have, it does not matter if it is still just an idea, a prototype or a ready-made specimen aiming at mass production.

James Dyson Award

The James Dyson Award (http://www.jamesdysonfoundation.com/) is a challenge aimed at engineering design and industrial design specialists. The winners ultimately get from $3 500 to $40 000 for the implementation of their projects. It is great practice and unforgettable experience to try and pitch your idea, even if, in the end, you do not win a grant.


E-Fests  is organized annually for students who study high technology professions or robotic science. This festival’s duration is three days, and it is held in a form of a fair at which you can relax and engage in games, open-air competitions, meeting peers and having fun, as well as present your ideas to potential investors. This fest is a great combination of pleasure and business.

Do not get discouraged if you don’t get picked the first time. These events are a perfect opportunity to practice pitching, get feedback on your ideas, prototypes and projects and improve what you have in order to try your luck next year or at a different event. It is important to keep going because success is for those who do not stop. 

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