SOLLA accredited chartered financial planner joins Old Mill’s Later Life team

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Posted Sunday, August 18, 2019 - 4:03pm

Chartered Financial Planner and Society of Later Life advisers (SOLLA) accredited adviser Andy Page has joined the Later Life team at Old Mill. 

SOLLAis the Gold Standard for later life financial advice and all advisers have to pass a rigorous assessment to attain the required qualification to gain accreditation. 

Andy will be based in Wells and work closely with his fellow SOLLA advisers, Chris Tweedie, based in the Melksham office, and Carolyn Matravers, who works from the Yeovil and Exeter offices. Between them, they have more than 50 years’ experience of helping clients with later life financial needs. 

Andy began his career as a Financial Planner in 1996. He has always had a real passion for helping others and soon realised the value and support he could bring to those looking to retire and begin the next stage of their lives. So, he became a Chartered Financial Planner, enabling him to offer a more holistic service. 

Andy said: ‘It’s important for people to understand what they want to achieve out of life, and being a Chartered Financial Planner means I am best placed to help them so that they use their money wisely. 

Whether that’s funding holidays, making good use of their assets, Inheritance Tax (IHT), gifting and so on. I help them to pull it all together so they still have enough for the rest of their lives. This way of working, adding value and advice, is what attracted me to Old Mill.’

As Andy progressed through his career, he wanted to a greater focus on and to specialise in later life advice and in 2010, successfully achieved his SOLLA Accreditation.  

‘The accreditation process is quite intense,’ said Andy. ‘You have to provide evidence to prove your knowledge and skills. I also have to actively achieve ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD). I had to take several exams and attend a face-to-face interview with technical knowledge questions around a case study.’ 

All SOLLA accredited professionals have to go through this process every five years and it isn’t just about technical knowledge, it’s also about having the ability to empathise and confidently communicate to people about, what can be, quite a sensitive topic. 

Andy adds: ‘I joined Old Mill because I feel they share the same values as me. It’s not your typical corporate business, they truly care about their clients. Knowledge of SOLLA and what this means is growing within the professional community and it’s fantastic that there are now three of us here at Old Mill, working together to support our clients.’

Paula Hodge, Head of Wealth Management said: ‘We are delighted that Andy has joined Old Mill. The breadth and depth of experience he brings with him will further strengthen both the service we provide to clients with later life needs and those looking for broader financial planning advice. I’m sure he will be an invaluable asset to the team.’