Plymouth Science Park firm shares secret to business success

Duncan Little
Authored by Duncan Little
Posted Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 12:59pm

Have you ever wondered if there is a secret formula for success? If so, Dafferns Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors may have the answer….

The team, based at Plymouth Science Park, are running a morning workshop on Thursday (14 September) which aims to explore the key areas of making your business a resounding success.

The seminar, entitled The Personal Success Equation, examines the values which can help set you apart from other leaders to ensure your business constantly receives a resounding ‘thumbs up’ from clients, colleagues and industry watchers.

The session will also look at practical solutions to regular challenges faced by firms and how different strategies can be developed to help guarantee future accolades.

“The workshop provides great opportunities to get away from the day to day noise of business and so allows you to focus on where you want to be. It’s designed to provide you with the space to allow you to think creatively and imaginatively,” says Richard Miller, event organiser and the Lead Strategy Partner at Dafferns Chartered Accountants.

“We look at the importance of key values within your business and how you can use those principles to be able to keep a sustainable and competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

There is also an opportunity to share ‘best practice’ techniques and explore core values and positive attributions within a workplace setting – from traits including honesty and trust through to how to develop a sense of team spirit, innovation and fun.

“The workshop is part of our Growth Academy which encompasses the strategic planning process and includes one to one coaching. It also allows access to our strategic cloud based on-line learning and development portal.”

Unlocking the secrets of how to boost your business is a key factor in ensuring your success and Dafferns provides the support to help you develop for discover and your business plans - so transforming a company from the state of ‘surviving’ to one of ‘thriving.’

“Traditional accountants tend to look backwards but we look forwards to encourage people to achieve their potential,” says Richard Miller. To find out more or to book tickets for this free event, contact Richard by e-mail:

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