It will survive!

They’re still smiling!  Not many people would be if their computer mini server packed with important data accidentally fell into a fish tank. 

This demonstration had a happy ending at Exeter’s Cyber Security Awareness Week, where experts stressed the importance of backing up precious data and the dangers of it falling into the wrong hands.  Or indeed a threat closer to home, data simply falling into the family fish tank.   The server recovered completely from its unexpected dip, hence smiles all round, to the relief of the audience.

The week has been such a resounding success that plans are already in place for another event next year.   More than 200 delegates attended the eleven events at six venues across Exeter where they learned firsthand about  the dangers of not protecting their businesses online.  The event attracted 18 top UK experts who spoke on various aspects of cyber security. 

The event was praised by Digital Minister Matt Hancock who congratulated the organisers on tackling ‘this growing area of concern’.  Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw said it was a very comprehensive range of events and congratulated the business community for getting together to face these very serious threats. 

Pictured above L to R
David Thomas and Chris Edwards from Bluegrass Computer Services with Ben Jenkins, Chris With and Kerrie Featherstone (from Datto) showing how it’s done.