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Free training courses at PSP focussing on staff wellbeing

Duncan Little
Authored by Duncan Little
Posted Saturday, July 6, 2019 - 1:39pm

Free courses focusing on human and organisational performance, creating high performing teams, operational excellence, resilience and safety are being held at Plymouth Science Park at the end of July.

Paradigm Human Performance is rapidly becoming the ‘go to’ organisation for the construction, oil and gas, utilities, rail and healthcare sectors.

Moving into the prestigious PSP site at Derriford will assist in the company’s plans for further expansion across sectors in the south west.

Paradigm Human Performance specialises in helping clients overcome some of their biggest challenges; including situations whereby staff are expected to repeatedly ‘do the right thing in the right way.’

‘Companies can inadvertently set people up to fail and many don’t understand how human error can impact performance in the workplace. Humans are fallible and even the best ones make errors,’ explains Teresa Swinton, Founder and Director of Paradigm Human Performance.

‘Organisational systems can exert pressure on workers which can increase the likelihood of them making errors in certain situations. We work with our clients to determine whether they are setting their people up for successful or unsuccessful outcomes.’

 ‘We utilise unique tools, techniques and education programmes to ensure that are always creating the best environment for their people to achieve success.  The ‘Name, Blame, Shame and Retrain’ culture of some organisations, following an incident, does not result in long term, sustainable improvement, and inevitably the same things go wrong time and time again.’ 

‘Human Performance leads to a respectful critique of what got us to where we are today and a consultative approach to agreeing what we need to do to move forward.’

‘By focusing on organisational systems in their broadest sense and shifting the spotlight from individual behaviours to identify what drives certain reactions.  Human Performance results in a culture of operational focus and excellence.’

Paradigm Human Performance encourages organisations to create new channels of communication – from the very top to the very bottom. It encourages managers to lose jargon and buzzwords, allowing them to be more effective. Its organic approach allows for input from the workforce.

‘By providing workers the opportunity to explain why they do what they do allows a company to understand why it makes sense to them and so helps in producing successful results in the future. People can be quite flexible and often vary what they do to create achievements which benefit their colleagues and the firm.’

The company chose to site itself at Plymouth Science Park as the location is excellent for staff health and wellbeing. Not only does a natural woodland surround the offices but there are also outstanding views across the whole city.

‘I left Plymouth when I was 22 and went to work for various organisations. My aspiration has always been to return and work alongside the amazing people in my home city. I am truly excited to be back – not least because there are now so many STEM companies in the area.’

As part of a series of launch events, Paradigm Human Performance will be running a number of free training courses at PSP during the week starting 29 July. You can find more information at: 

The team will also be around all week to meet and greet anyone who would like to know more about what they do.

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