Expo South's success leads to expansion

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Authored by Duncan Little
Posted Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 5:28pm

Networking can help your business flourish. Expo South are experts in organising events and it’s envisaged the team’s new office in Plymouth Science Park will be behind staging some of this year’s best networking exhibitions.

Over the next 12 months, the Event Management team will be expanding their ‘Expo’ brand to cover other parts of the country: from Sheffield and Poole to Cardiff and Taunton.

The company’s winning one-day format provides an exceptionally high level of professionalism in content, layout and variety. Return business stems from the strong range of exhibitors, the professionalism of the team and the excellent service they provide.

Over the past five years, thousands of business people nationwide have descended on the annual one day show at Borringdon Golf Club, near Plymouth.

Its’ success has seen more than 50 exhibitors actively engage with attendees during the course of the day - which starts with a networking breakfast and includes regular speed networking events.

“It’s the people who make a good show,” says Martin Mills, co-director of Expo South. “The stands always have people who are attentive and smiling. We are on hand to help with any marketing tips and also to provide free refreshments for people exhibiting with us.”

“Our speed networking events are an important part of the day and we see a significant number of people taking part.”

“There is always a colossal amount of energy in these events with large numbers of people swapping business cards before getting to know each other’s businesses and seeing how they can be mutually beneficial for each other.”

One exhibitor at this year’s Expo South event, at Borringdon, was delighted with the success of the show as it resulted in her gaining five years’ worth of business leads from just the one single day!

Expo South is currently working towards its first Taunton based Expo event, in September, and it’s also planning one at the China Fleet Club, in Saltash, in November.

The team is currently working with the ‘Approved Franchise Association’ to stage an Expo in Milton Keynes in October.

Plymouth Science Park has provided a massive boost for Expo South’s business plans.

“Being at Plymouth Science Park has helped to streamline the business as it is a cost-effective base with a good onsite community and an excellent, professional position within the City’s business community. It is a prestigious address for any business to have,” adds Martin.