Determining the Perfect Time to Distribute Promotional Items

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Authored by David Banks
Posted Friday, July 12, 2019 - 6:53am


Apart from the design of the items you’re giving away, you also need to consider the perfect time for handing them out. You need to determine when people are willing to spend money on certain products; otherwise, your efforts to give free stuff will be in vain. 

Holiday season

The best time of the year to distribute free merchandise is during the holiday season. It's a time when people are willing to spend money on gifts and other items. Others want to reward themselves for their hard work throughout the year.

Most companies also hand out bonuses during the holiday season. Hence, many people are willing to spend money on things beyond what they usually spend each month.

Another reason is that people expect to receive gifts during this season. Unfortunately, for some people, they usually give gifts, but get nothing in return. Free merchandise from your company would be a lovely surprise.

End of the month

Most people receive their pay at the end of each month. It’s the perfect time to buy whatever they want. By giving them free merchandise at this time, you’re reminding them to buy what you offer. You need to give it a week ahead of pay day since most people start budgeting their pay by then. 

Anniversary celebration

When your company is celebrating its anniversary, you might want to use the chance to thank your loyal customers through free merchandise. It's a milestone in your company, and you want to give back through these free items. It also signals that you hope to retain people's loyalty so you can celebrate more anniversaries in the future.


You can also sponsor events and hand out promotional merchandise at that event. Many people will attend the event without expecting to bring something home. They will appreciate your effort to reach out to them during the event. Without your help, the organisers might not make the plan happen. 

Be sure to look for events that are worth sponsoring. The first indicator is that the event targets the same profile of people as your customers. It means that whoever comes to the event might have a strong inclination to buy your products. 

Determine how to distribute the items

After identifying the perfect time to give out the promotional items, you also need to decide how you're going to distribute them. Are you going to prioritise existing customers? Will you hand out the items to everyone attending the event you sponsored? You need to answer these questions first to ensure that only those who deserve your free products and will most likely be your patrons will end up receive what you're giving.

Check your budget and decide what items you can hand out. Even if you’re giving them for free, you need to ensure that these items are of top quality; otherwise, no one will appreciate them.