5 business problems technology can solve

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Authored by Mike Page
Posted Thursday, August 8, 2019 - 2:23am

Running a business presents various challenges and we all encounter obstacles at one point or another. One of the things that can help us overcome these obstacles is technology, which helps us solve problems in all spheres on a daily basis. Experts from Syntax IT Support London bring you five common problems encountered in business, which can be solved with the help of the latest technology.

Remote working

In recent years, more people than ever have left their stuffy offices behind them and have moved into the world of remote working. In many modern professions, the dream of working from anywhere in the world has become a reality, even if for most of us this is less about lying on a tropical beach and more the ability to work from home or to keep up to date with projects when travelling for work. 

We have advancements in technology to thank for this change, with better WiFi, smartphones, cloud technology and new software all playing a part. More than ever before, we are able to communicate and work together with our colleagues without being in the same room as them. This makes it feasible to work from almost anywhere at any time. Flexible working is a huge selling point for many prospective employees and businesses should look to make this an option if they are serious about securing the best talent.

Greater efficiency

Technology has improved productivity across businesses in all industries, allowing us to automate tasks that once would have taken hours or days to complete. Data storage and analysis tools have had a huge impact on businesses in terms of saving time and money, while the latest apps can help you with everything from simplifying small tasks to making collaboration easier.

No more unnecessary meetings

Are you spending hours of your working week in meetings and struggling to find time to actually get things done? Meetings are a great way to communicate and catch up with colleagues, but scheduling too many means they become a waste of time, which is a problem many of us are familiar with. 

Instead of holding countless meetings, look to technology to improve communication across the business and keep everyone in the loop, eliminating the need for constant in-person catch ups. Collaboration tools such as Slack and Basecamp are great for keeping up to date on group projects, while video conferencing is an ideal option for remote workers.

Accessible information

The internet has given us access to unlimited resources and knowledge via search engines like Google, which has been a huge help for businesses. Today’s employees are often able to find what they need without having to receive training or calling on someone else, which has made us able to complete everyday tasks more quickly and with greater confidence. The accessibility of information in the age of technology has made us smarter, more efficient and better equipped to succeed in business.

Improved advertising

Advertising isn’t new, but it has become much easier for all kinds of businesses thanks to technology. With the latest tools available on the market, businesses can target potential customers based on demographic, location, profession, income, hobbies, like and dislikes and much more, allowing them to get their message in front of the right people and make more conversions than ever before. 

We can also use email marketing to target existing customers in smarter ways, using data on past product searches and views to make tailored suggestions. No longer do businesses have to blindly advertise to everyone in the hope that a few of the right people will see the message – they simply have to identify their target audience and reach the right person at the right time.