Improve Your Decision-Making to Succeed in Business

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Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, April 22, 2019 - 5:50pm

Running a business – whether running a multi-national corporation or sole trader working at home – can be difficult. There are obstacles, hurdles, pitfalls, and many ways in which  you have to navigate the world around you to succeed. While some things in life don’t come with a manual, running a business comes with many – though getting stuck in the quagmire of advice from books could lead you into more paralysis by analysis. 

If only there was a way to feel stronger in business yourself... Well, luckily, there is. 

Succeed in Business By Making Better Decisions 

When it comes to business, making decisions is the most important aspect of helming a company. You are responsible for everything from choosing what products or services to offer, to how to showcase them to potential customers, and how to ensure that the service is conducted to a high degree of quality. Overall, you have a difficult job that involves making a lot of decisions, some small and some consequential. To get better at making decisions, you need to streamline the thought process that comes with it. In a word, you need to be more reckless. According to, Barack Obama wore the same colour suit and tie so that he wouldn’t be struck with a decision to make on his outfit while more pressing decisions waited. Winston Churchill reportedly visited the casino in Monaco to help him make his reckless decisions so that he had the focus to make the important ones. Indeed, you need to find a way to hone your decision-making skills to be a better businessperson.   

How to Improve Your Decision-Making Abilities

One way in which you can improve your decision-making abilities – that is, making them faster and more accurate – is to curb the voice of doubt. Playing roulette, for instance at could help you to flex your impulsive muscles by taking in the information in front of you and making fast decisions on where your chips should go. Practice at making impulsive decisions will desensitise you to them and those seemingly huge work decisions won’t seem so reckless. Moreover, gaming can also improve your innate reflexes that contribute to decision-making. Imagine how much more brainpower you’d have free if your body involuntarily made decisions for you. Gaming, especially fast-paced console games can have this effect as your fingers are tapping faster than you realise your brain is processing. Learning a language can also improve decision-making, especially in a group format, according to You will be quizzed in another language and have to make split-second decisions on what to say back, not wanting to lose face in front of your peers. This will also improve analytical skills, which are key to making informed decisions in the first place. 

In order to improve decision-making outside of business decisions, you need to be working with consequences if the decision isn’t right. Not massive ones, but significant enough ones that mean the decision is important. E.g. potentially losing money, looking foolish, losing progress. By practising making decisions, you’ll be able to think clearly and with perspective when it comes to actually making hard decisions in business.