Gro donate swaddles to Exeter hospital

The iconic Exeter based nursery brand, the Gro Company is delighted to announce that it will be donating 1,000 of its latest product, the Hip-healthy Groswaddle, to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

The arrangement, which has now officially begun, aims to support every baby born from now to December to have a healthy start in life.

A truly lovely gift from the UK’s most trusted sleep experts, the Hip-healthy Groswaddle will ensure parents can safely swaddle and soothe their newborns and have confidence in their swaddling technique. Thanks to its intuitive design the product has earned ‘Hip Healthy’ acknowledgment from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, reassuring parents it will support healthy hip development.

The thoughtfully designed product features an innovative pocket design to ensure that when swaddled, baby’s legs are in a natural ‘hip healthy’ position with ample room for movement. Thanks to the built-in pocket, not only is the Hip-healthy Groswaddle super easy to use, making swaddling accessible for all parents, there will also be no chance of wriggly legs breaking free and getting chilly.

The Gro Company is especially proud of this project. Commenting on the donation Rob Pascoe from The Gro Company said: “We are so proud to be partnering with our local hospital in Devon and making the Hip-healthy Groswaddle available to all the new parents over the coming months. Getting babies off to a healthy start in life and nurturing the optimum sleeping environment is our top priority and we hope our donation supports parents and their little ones within the area.”

Continuing its commitment to safer sleep each swaddle will come with safety messaging and clear guidance on how to use the product for optimum comfort the little ones.