Rusty Pig favours Branscombe poultry farm for chicken feast dining

The key ingredients of Rusty Pig’s recent Rusty Chicken feast were sourced from a high welfare organic poultry farm in Branscombe.

Head chef and owner Robin Rea chose to work with Bulstone Springs for this unusual dining event in acknowledgement of the high standards of the supplier. He said:

“Rusty Pig is only interested in using the best, local ingredients; we have been using eggs from Bulstone Springs for some years and were delighted when they began producing chicken to the same exceptional standard.

“The high welfare standards attained, and the fact the chickens are hand dispatched on the farm reducing the unnecessary stress of travel on the animal, leads to a much superior product for our diners. We are very happy to support new local farms producing high-quality, ethically produced meat.”

Robin and his team used all parts of the chicken for the feast, with diners enjoying delicately smoked chicken breast, minced chicken balls in a liver and wild mushroom jus, roast marinated joints, as well as black pudding made with chicken blood. Even the chicken feet were served up, Far-Eastern style.

Jon Theodosiou of Bulstone Springs Farm said: “We are so pleased that Rusty Pig has chosen to support our growing business. Robin came up with some very unusual recipes for our chicken that were absolutely delicious.

“We look forward to supplying Rusty Pig in future. They have agreed to become a collection point for our customer’s orders too, which is wonderful.”

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