Schools encouraged to review lockdown communications in light of recent campus incidents

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Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 12:27pm

A leading telephone systems provider is encouraging schools and other education institutions across the region to review their ability to communicate if their campus were to go into lockdown.

Equations Voice and Data, based in Devon and Somerset, have been working with a number of schools from across the country in the wake of five incidents so far this year that have led to campuses being placed into ‘lockdown’ due to an ongoing threat, with the most recent taking place at Exeter University last month.

Tom Pearce, Director at Equations Voice and Data said: “Whilst we hope that these situations never happen, it’s important for schools and universities to be proactive in their approach. They need to know how they’d be able to communicate if for example one building were needed to be locked down, how they’d be able to share information from one building to another if there were a threat moving around a campus or account for any missing persons.”

A school or university campus will be placed into a lockdown protocol if a threat to the students, staff or anyone visiting the site is identified. Across the UK there has been a lockdown less than every 30 days on average so far this year, with the most common causes being individuals carrying weapons such as knives or replica firearms.

Tom added, “Whilst it may have previously seemed uncommon to enter a lockdown, it’s vitally important that if a school is faced with these circumstances they have a robust set of procedures and the right technology in place in order to ensure the safety of everyone on site.”

Equations Voice and Data are currently offering a free review of school phone systems in order to address any issues with crisis communications. For more information please call 01237 420010 or visit

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