Western Power Distribution is taking part in National Inclusion Week 2021

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Posted Friday, October 1, 2021 - 10:51pm

National Inclusion Week, running from September 27th-October 3rd 2021, was created by Inclusive Employers who organise the campaign each year. The week aims to raise awareness of inclusion in the workplace.

Now in its ninth year, the 2021 theme for National Inclusion Week is United For Inclusion. It is about bringing people and organisations together to share learning and best practice so we can work together to reach our shared goal of making inclusion an everyday reality.

Last year over 2,000 organisations took part and the combined activities connected with over 16 million people using #NationalInclusionWeek2020 – this year our actions and activities will spread the message that we are all #UnitedForInclusion.

Diversity and inclusion adviser Jo Mainstone said: “Western Power Distribution (WPD) aims to provide a workplace that gives everyone a level playing field to bring their gifts and talents to work – regardless of their gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age or physical ability. Diversity and inclusion is about everyone being able to come to work as themselves, feeling safe and feeling that they belong.”

Rupert Moyne, Managing Director - Corporate Services, Inclusive Employers, said: “I’m delighted that WPD is joining employers around the world by taking part. The last year has really brought the need for inclusion into sharp focus. Many of us have spent the past twelve months working remotely and I therefore hope that United For Inclusion, the 2021 theme of National Inclusion Week, brings us closer to our colleagues and other organisations as we together celebrate, share and inspire inclusion practices.

One area of focus for us during National Inclusion Week 2021 will be to inspire unity and action for anti-racism. We will be launching an anti-racist toolkit during this year’s Inclusion Week.

WPD’s involvement shows that they take building an inclusive workplace seriously and I welcome their commitment to do so.”

More information about National Inclusion Week and how to get involved is available via the Inclusive Employers website: https://www.inclusiveemployers.co.uk/national-inclusion-week/about

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