Top Five Must-Have Replica and Fantasy Swords for Collectors

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - 11:23am

Some people view collecting as more than just a pastime; for them, personal connections to artwork from their childhood and into adulthood provide collections with sentimental worth and a sense of nostalgia. Here are my top five picks for replicas and fantasy swords that every collector should own, regardless of experience level. Whether you're a seasoned collector looking to add to and complete your collection or a novice just getting started in the hobby, these recommendations will help you make informed decisions.

Top Five Replica and Fantasy Swords for Your Collection

Every blade included here is a must-have for every collector of swords because they are not your typical swords; instead, they are linked to legendary films and TV shows that have shaped countless generations and created a strong emotional connection with viewers. Thus, these are the top five swords you need;

1. Luke Skywalker Saber

A generation was defined by Star Wars, and no list of legendary weapons would be complete without the lightsaber. Even though it's not particularly special, this is the ideal collectible for beginners. Experienced veterans ought to possess something more unique, such as Luke Skywalker's saber, which was used in the most famous duel in the series and is mentioned in one of the most famous quotes in movie history: "No, I am your father," which is sometimes mistranslated as "Luke, am your father.

2. Anduril Sword
The elves of Rivendell reforged the Anduril sword from the Lord of the Ring trilogy from a piece of Narsil. The heirs of Isildur, a lineage of legendary warriors and legitimate heirs to the Gondor kingdom, are the proud owners of this sword.

3. The Atlantean Sword of Conan the Barbarian

This sword comes from the Conan the barbarian series. Don't let the elaborate design and impracticality of the Atlantean sword deceive you; Conan employed it in several legendary battles, including the one against Thusla Doom.

3. Sting "The one to rule all"

Sting, the tiniest sword on this list, is a valuable weapon from the Lord of the Rings film series. When Bilbo Baggins found it and gave it to Frodo, it was the sword that had accompanied him on many of his adventures, including the fight with the Giant Spider. With this sword's special ability to light blue when orcs are nearby, you can't go wrong.

4. Sword of Omens

Thundercats is the source of the Sword of Omen. The sword's power originates from Thundera's eye, which is said to be endowed with a degree of consciousness and galactic energy, giving its wielder a wide range of powers.

Final Thoughts
Whether it's the Anduril blade, which is welded by ancient warriors and was used in multiple battles against Sauron, or the Luke Skywalker sabre, which represents the entire Jedi order, collecting swords from different films and TV shows is a popular pastime that can go beyond TV screens, where a deeper emotional connection is sparked by sword artefacts.

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