Low profile engagement rings setting the trend among buyers of minimal and practical rings

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, August 5, 2021 - 9:22pm

When it comes to engagement rings, most women favour the fancy ones which typically feature high settings, chunky rocks, and designs so unique that they make jaws drop. While all that sounds grandiose, in reality, these rings pose more inconvenience in everyday lives than one anticipates.

Rings with the above features are quick to bumps, scratches, and tugs. They are a pain for people with an active lifestyle and they need an awful lot of maintenance. The truth is you don’t need to go through so much trouble to make a fashion statement. Low profile engagement rings too can produce the same kind of aesthetic effects at less than half the trouble.

The kind of ring that you will forget that you have on, low-profile engagement rings are incredibly low maintenance and very easy to keep wearing. These rings are modern, wearable, and perfectly practical. From designs that are traditional to contemporary, you will find low-setting engagement rings in all kinds of styles these days.

Why low-profile engagement rings are a gift to women

It won’t be an understatement to just say that low-profile engagement rings are a blessing to women. They make life infinitely simpler as opposed to high setting rings that complicate matters. Below are why women dig this style so much.

  • They don’t snag yarns from fabric - Only one who has worn a high-profile engagement ring knows the pain of wearing it all day long, especially when they or their partners have cashmere or a wooly clothing on. High-profile rings catch on practically anything. They catch on wooly garment, on linens, and pretty much all kinds of fabrics given a chance. So you want to lay off either because high setting rings and fabrics don’t make best friends.
  • They will not tear off your gloves - Most important if you are in the health field, or if you wear frequently latex gloves!
  • They don’t get caught on your dog’s leash - In case you are wondering, yes this happens too. If your ring has a high setting, chances are that it can get tangled with your dog’s leash and all dog owners know that’s trouble, especially when your dog is taking too much interest in a passing stranger. So if you are a pet owner, low profile engagement rings will make your life infinitely easier.
  • They don’t become a nuisance for parents of little kids - Parents of little kids, hear this out. That high-headed sparker may earn you a lot of compliments at parties, but it can be quite a trouble-maker in private. I’m referring to chores like changing diapers, collecting toys from all over the house, running after your elusive toddler, these are jobs that demand practical clothing and practical accessory, something that low profile engagement rings off Diamonds-usa.com fit the bill for.

Some specimens to grab your attention

Now low-profile engagement rings have been a novelty today, but this style is not exactly a new thing in the galleries. They have existed for many years, even longer than high profile ones, gravitating buyers looking for practical wearable rings. It is only recently that people are seen to be shifting bigly towards this design for reasons of practicality and ease of wearing. So to interest you, we have brought to you some stunning specimens from this gallery. Go ahead with an open mind and check out these splendid pieces.

Flush fit bezel ring

This ring combines the cleanest minimal look with the lowest setting humanly possible. Featuring an Oval shaped diamond set in a bezel case and secured in a flush fit, this low profile engagement ring takes the cake for its practical look and perfectly low-setting design. It is low profile engagement ring but does not cease to wow the onlookers.

Low profile bezel set solitaire engagement ring

If you take interest in unique settings, then you must be familiar with the east west setting that is making ripples in the market. Loved for its extraordinariness, this setting famously makes small stones look big. So it’s a win-win for shoppers on a budget looking for good choices in low profile engagement rings at Diamonds-USA online jewelry store. This one gives you more than just one reason to choose it, less height, low setting, low carat. What more can you ask for?
This ring has all the décor as of a high profile but replicated in a low profile engagement ring

East West low profile engagement ring

Vintage jewelry lovers will find the rose cut low profile engagement ring irresistible. Brandishing a beautiful rose cut diamond cut in the geometry of round brilliant, this one features a flat bottom and a pretty shallow depth. The top is geodesic. The selection of rose cut for low profile engagement rings is not new. Owing to their low height, these stones are key candidates for these kinds of rings.

Low profile rose cut diamond

If you are one of those ladies who find the fancy cuts more enticing than the standard ones, then here is an excellent number just for you. Beset with a Marquise cut diamond, this one is all surface and little depth, just what you want in low profile engagement rings. It is up to the setter to decide whether it will be finished as high or Low profile

Low set marquis diamond

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