What are the many kinds of solar panels?

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Tuesday, April 26, 2022 - 5:35am

We're used to seeing panels glinting in the sun on a house's roof, gathering energy and converting it to heat and power. What you may not realize is that there are several types of solar panels from which to pick.

Due to our need for more renewable energy that reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and other less carbon-friendly processes, solar panel technology has evolved dramatically in recent years.

Standard Solar Panels

Sunpower solar panels are the most popular and immediately recognized product on the market and are often the first option for many homeowners. They are easily mounted on your roof using brackets and maybe precisely positioned to receive optimal sunlight (normally made from aluminum). They frequently provide a significantly greater return on investment because of increased efficiency and the ability to configure them more accurately.

Solar Tiles

Solar tiles on your roof may have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than a typical panel array. Interlocking tiles can be utilized to replace your roof's traditional slate tiles. The fact that they may be integrated into an existing roof or utilized to build a new one makes them one of the most versatile solutions for both companies and residential residences.

The drawback is that they are less efficient and usually cost twice as much as a standard solar panel system. Some of this can be offset if your roof is already angled to absorb sunlight and convert it to power.

Thin Film Solar Panels

If you want something light to put on your roof, thin-film solar panels could be the best option. The makeup around 10-15% of the market and, due to their inefficiency, need more space than normal TM Solar Energy panels. Another thing to consider is that thin-film solar panels typically include cadmium telluride, a hazardous element that must be appropriately disposed of when its useful life is through.

Thin-film solar panels have the advantage of being more flexible and may be manufactured in a variety of configurations, including foldable and rollable. It makes them suitable for a variety of purposes, like powering a caravan or tent.

Solar Panels: Tempered vs. Plate Glass

When it comes to solar panels, most people are more concerned with the power and efficiency savings than with the type of glass utilized. The glass, on the other hand, is quite important. Choosing tempered glass over plate glass can extend the life of your solar panel array significantly. While tempered glass is more expensive, it might save you money in the long run.

How Do I Locate the Best Solar Panels for My Needs?

Selecting suitable answers might appear to be incredibly challenging to a complete newbie. For your project, you'll need to consider factors like the feed-in tariff and other funding possibilities.

The majority of the time, the decision between different types of solar panels is based on aesthetics. Solar tiles blend in with the surroundings and make your roof look like your neighbors', but they are a more expensive option.

Thin-film panels are more flexible, but they require a larger area to generate enough energy to power a typical home.

Solar Panels in the Future

Solar panels are currently receiving a lot of attention and study to improve their efficiency and lower their cost. Did you know that a solar panel array can now be purchased to power your caravan or tent? You can now have portable solar systems that can be rolled up when you pack up and return home thanks to new thin-film solar panel technology.

Clear solar panels that may be incorporated into windows are being investigated by researchers in the United States, making installation easier and improving the technology's aesthetics. The future of solar energy is as bright as the sun as it provides efficient energy with less expense.


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