Three Ways to Update Your Home for Summer

It might not feel like it yet, but summer is on its way. Just as you would bundle up in jumpers and scarves over the colder months, you have probably filled your home with comfortable furnishings and miniature heaters to protect yourself against the chill. Wardrobes and outfits aren’t the only things you can start looking forward to refreshing for summer; your home needs to change with the seasons too. Whether you’re into interior design and like to stay on top of trends or if you simply want to declutter after the accumulation of wintry objects then below are some useful tips to help you update your home for summer.

One: New Face

During winter your home takes a beating. The wind, rain, and occasionally snow can truly put your house’s exterior to the test. Expanding and shrinking materials can disrupt the structure and cause cracks. Pipes can become clogged with leaves blown about by the wind. Treat yourself and your home to a facelift by replacing fallen roof tiles, cleaning the spider webs and maybe even changing to more attractive and less worn out windows. Take a look at for some great ideas on how to brighten up the outside of your home. It’s amazing what a big difference these kinds of small changes can make to your entire house.

Two: Go Green

The colder months usually turn the world grey and bleak. Trees lose their leaves, animals hide from the rain and flowers die off. To bring yourself bouncing into summer, add some much-needed greenery to your home. If you already have a knack for gardening, choose some seasonal flora to display around your lawn to attract bees and butterflies. If you would prefer something a bit lower maintenance, opt for an indoor plant with needs you can fulfil. No matter what style you’re going for, plants and flowers brighten up any room and remind it of summer time. If you’re feeling extra green, why not take advantage of the sunshine and install solar panels to provide your energy? You’ll be helping to save the planet and could potentially earn money by selling excess energy back to the grid.

Three: Freshen Up

It’s difficult to muster the energy to do chores when it’s cold and bitter outside. The bare minimum is tricky enough without having to think about tidying up and throwing out unwanted belongings. In the summer, it’s too hot and there’s too much fun to be had to bother wasting time on menial tasks. That’s why spring is the perfect time to declutter and transform your home. Empty it of all the unnecessary items that pile up over winter like spare gloves, blankets and hot water bottles. Go even further and move your furniture into a new arrangement for a fresher feeling. By getting this out of the way just as the weather starts to warm up again, you’ll have no excuse of it being too cold or too hot to make the effort. Your home will thank you.