What every mum needs to succeed

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 1:39pm

Being a mum is a tough job that requires a lot of time and effort. You soon find you’re wrapped up in all your kid’s and spouse’s activities and that you once again are coming last on your list. The truth is you’re not going to last long if this is your situation. 

You’ll soon find yourself feeling exhausted and wiped out even when completing the easiest of tasks. What you need is a few tricks up your sleeve that are going to help you succeed at being a mum and leave you feeling happy and with plenty of energy to burn. Learn more about what it is you need in your life if you’re going to survive the ups and downs of motherhood.


If one fact is for certain, it’s that you have to know how to be more patient with yourself and others as a mum. There are going to be days that all that happens will bother you, but your best bet is to stay poised and breathe your way through any frustrations. Losing your cool may cause you to act in ways that are embarrassing to you, or you might blow small situations out of proportion. Find a tool that works for you and calms you down like counting to ten or slowing down in the moment. Learn how to manage your emotions when you’re feeling relaxed so that when you’re faced with turmoil, you can peacefully deal with whatever is in front of you.


What’s most important is that you practice self-love and put your needs first. Do this by taking care of your health and wellness on a regular basis. For example, if you’re sick and tired of the bags under your eyes, then save up and spend your money on dark eyes treatment. This is one type of self-care activity you need to do if you’re going to feel good about yourself. Additional ideas include working out, cooking for yourself at home and spending time out in nature. Regularly care for your mind, body and soul, and you’ll be in good shape as you attempt to be the best mother you can be.

A Schedule

You’re not going to survive motherhood for very long without keeping a schedule. You’ll want to know where everyone is and what they’re doing at all times if you plan on running a smooth household. Keep track of your personal and professional obligations so you don’t experience any surprises throughout your days. Also, write down what activities your spouse and kids are participating in each week if you want to stay sane. Remember to block off time for family outings and an hour or two here and there that you can spend by yourself.

Thick Skin

You can’t let every little mishap bother you and fly off the handle each time a situation doesn’t go your way. Remain poised and graceful in your responses to various circumstances by having a thick skin and picking your battles wisely. It’s not worth letting every tiny hiccup bother you and get under your skin if you want to be successful at parenting. You’re going to be dealing with a lot of different people and incidents throughout your days, and constantly getting upset is only going to cause your health and happiness to suffer. Learn not to take what others say and do personally and always be problem-solving instead of playing the victim. 


If you want to be a happy and successful mum, then you need to know how to set boundaries. Get in tune with yourself so you know when you’re starting to feel stressed out and overworked. When you’re beginning to feel agitated is the exact time you should plan to spend time with your girlfriends or take a day or two off of work. Create balance in your life, and you won’t feel like there’s one area of your life that’s completely bogging you down. Be good about leaving work at a decent hour to be with your kids and use your free time on the weekends wisely so you feel refreshed and ready to return to work on Monday.

Laughter & Fun

You need laughter and fun in your life if you’re going to succeed at being a mother. Not all you do should be serious and stressful if you want to maintain your happiness. Play outside with your kids, be silly with your spouse and forgive yourself for your mistakes. Be positive and have an upbeat attitude that allows you to get through even the toughest of times. Practice gratitude and be affectionate with your family by showing them how much you love them. You need to know how to laugh at yourself and with others if you’re going to keep your mental health going strong. 


No mum can go through life all on her own without any help. Don’t be afraid to speak up and reach out before you’re at your breaking point so someone else can step in. Call on your spouse, children, in-laws and friends for support when you require it. Doing so doesn’t make you weak or unfit, but shows how smart and strong you truly are. You’ll be a better mother for it and will have more energy for attending to your own needs when you’re vulnerable and can ask for help. Talk to other mums about what you’re going through, and you’ll see that they too aren’t afraid to accept assistance when it’s necessary. 


Mums don’t always get enough credit for all they do and how talented they are. You should know that even if you don’t feel like it, you’re succeeding as a mum in your own way. These are simply a few extra pointers that you may find useful as you go about parenting and attending to your needs as well. Hopefully you find some comfort knowing you’re not alone in the struggle and that everyone needs a little help once in a while.

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