Playing online games can make you smarter, studies show

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, November 18, 2019 - 7:11am

If someone ever asks you why you spend so much time playing online games, tell them you want to be smarter. Yes, really: playing video games, browser games, or poker stimulates the part of your brain that makes you intelligent.

Online games have even bigger impact on young children. So, if your kids want a couple of video games this Christmas, buy them the best games you can afford. Action games are the best for stimulating the brain according to research. But whatever game that engages the mind can boost your child’s or your intelligence level.

So, how does it work? Stick around to find the link between gaming and boosting education.

#1: Games Enhance Basic Competencies

In an experiment conducted at the University of Glasgow by Dr. Matthew Barr, students allowed to play games for several weeks outperformed non gamers in all major competencies. These are communication, adaptability, resourcefulness and critical thinking. 

Games enhance human intelligence by challenging players to exercise a variety of competencies that could enhance their education. For example, multiplayer live games encourage gamers to socialize, thereby enhancing their public communication skills.

Many games also require players to think critically to solve simple or complex missions. Sports simulation games like FIFA 20 challenge gamers to think like real-life players to when passing, shooting or defending against their opponents. Action games like Call of Duty encourage players think quickly to dodge the enemy, subdue or eliminate them.

#2: Stimulates your Attention

In addition to helping you become a better critical thinker, video games also enhances your attention span. Think about it. How long do you play your favorite online game? It could be a simple Match 3 game like Tetris Effect. But if you love it, you probably spend more than an hour on the game.

Of course, some games are more addictive than others. Most kids, for example, can’t help it when playing online multiplayer titles. Casino games like slots and poker can also be addictive when played uncontrollably.

But if you play all your favourite games moderately on the best new casinos, they can have help improve your attentive skills and your ability to retain information. At least two studies support this hypothesis. In one study published on, learning skills obtained through video games can last for months or years. As such, playing games even for a short while per day is good for your long-term education.

#3: Exercise your Brain

Sure, you probably don’t spin slot reels at online casinos to get a better grade in campus. You do it for entertainment, to kill time and maybe to win some money in the long run. But by virtue of involving your mind in the games, you help your brain relax and exercise.

Both exercises and relaxation are good for your brain. Not only do they help stimulate different parts of the brain but they also reduce stress hormones. Obviously, staying stress-free is a good recipe of learning with more ease. Playing online games also help pump more blood to the brain, which helps keep the vital organ healthy round the clock. 

If you are wondering which games can entertain your mind quickly, try slot machines, roulette or mobile games. They don’t ask for much involvement and can be ridiculously fun to play. This UK online casinos guide can help you find the best casinos for slots, roulette and other games. You also get a few bonuses in the process, which boosts your bankroll.

#4: Puzzle Games Improve your Brain Function

Playing games that challenge you to use strategies and to solve puzzles causes changes to your brain that could help improve your grades. Several studies show this works when games stimulate the development of the hippocampus part of your brain.

For the uninitiated, the hippocampus regulates your ability to learn, retain memory, get motivated or stressed. The gray matter in this part of the brain grows with age. But by playing different types of online games, it’s stimulated—leading to a faster growth rate.

Some studies also suggest puzzle games can improve your IQ. Of course, these are simply theories based on limited studies. But one such study conducted a study on 23 gamers who played Super Mario 64 for one month. The players were only allowed to play for 30 minutes every day.

But at the end of the research, the gamers had increased gray matter in all areas of the brain that regulates learning ability. Over time, these players could complete motor skills, strategic planning and knowledge retention significant better than non-gamers. Curious what your IQ is? Get an IQ tests for kids and find out.

#5: Helps Enhance Brain Flexibility

A group of scientists who conducted a study on Star craft and its impact to the brain concluded it can enhance “the cornerstone of human intelligence.” The research was done at the University of Texas and the students who participated in it allegedly showed improved performance in psychology tests.

If the study is correct, playing online games can turn you from an average student to a first-class achiever.  That’s because most people don’t possess the cognitive skills required to think and solve multiple problems simultaneously. 

Some people even have a deficit in brain flexibility. So, if online games can help in this area, it could change the lives of millions of people around the world.

#6: Sparks Interest in a Range of Issues

Ever played a game inspired by a mythical or fictitious topic and took action to learn more about it? That’s how people become smart, and online games can contribute to it. If you play a game called Cleopatra’s slot, you’ll probably want to learn more about the Egyptian ruler.

Games’ ability to fuel interest in major topics in life is especially helpful for growing children. They need to expand their knowledge base as much as possible. And if video games can play a role in it, they are worth it.

To Conclude

Gone are the days when everyone thought video games impacted players negatively. Thanks to research, people are learning that online games could improve your problem solving skills. They could make you a better critical thinker and an overall more improved student. 


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