What is it like staying at Studentbeehive Leicester?

Frank Parker
Authored by Frank Parker
Posted Monday, May 17, 2021 - 6:04pm

Leicester is the ideal place to live and research if you're aiming for a vibrant, thrilling area to call home. Both the De Montfort University and the University of Leicester and have been lauded for being the most mutually supportive and for providing students with so many great incentives.  It's a place where you can read, develop new skills, and maximize your abilities. Choosing your student accommodation in Leicster is a simple and straightforward procedure with Studentbeehive.co.uk.

Costs are usually as follows:

Cost-effective restaurant £8.00 – £15.00

£1.00 – £2.00 for a bottle of Coke

£2.00 – £3.00 for takeout coffee

A pint of milk costs between £0.40 and £1.25, 

A pint of milk costs between £0.40 and £1.25, 

£0.80 – £1.10 for a loaf of bread

A retail bottle of wine in the mid-range ranges from £3.50 to £8.00.

Cinema tickets range from £7 to £12.00.

Costs of travel:

Adult Day with Arriva in Leicester Zone One – £4.30

Adult Day – Leicester – £4.50 with Stagecoach

Academic Year Student: £425.00 (£1.16 a day) with Arriva in Leicester zone one.

A taxi costs £3.50 (start fee) and £1.86 (total) (per km)

Adult weekly – Stagecoach, Leicester – £15.00

Studentbeehive offers accommodation at Regent Road, Renaissance House, Salisbury Road, and student studios for those who want to live a more stylish lifestyle. Studentbeehive is a vibrant Leicester student living environment where meeting new people has never been simpler! Their studio accommodations are recognized for being both luxurious and affordable, with a variety of choices to suit everyone's needs.

Students from Leicester University and DMU who are searching for dream Leicester student lodging would love their place. Many of their facilities are suitable for couples, with beautiful studio apartments, as well as classes, with 1-bed, 2-bed, and 7 student flats.

Apart from that, there are certain advantages of living in Leicester. There are several clubs at both campuses, ranging from athletics to interests and hobbies; has something for all. Universities support and inspire students to participate in communities because it is a perfect way to make lifelong friends and develop skills.

Leicester offers a globally satisfying learning experience, with students from all over the world residing in the area. Every year, more students join the dynamic youth community, bringing new faces to the vibrant youthful neighbourhood.

Students have the opportunity to relax and unwind in Leicester's scholarly community, which is rich and full of various development possibilities.

Leicester University has a high 94 per cent employability score. Their Career Development Service will help you gain talents, expertise, experience, and trust so that you can graduate and apply for jobs with a solid CV. De Montfort University is still very helpful, with employment prospects coaches on hand to advise you on the business and the skills you'll need.

The living cost in Leicester is among the things that students appreciate the best. You will enjoy a night out, city experiences, and restaurants without breaking the budget. This makes it a perfect place to interact, which is one of the factors that so many people want to move here, in addition to the friendly community.

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