5 ways to complete your CSPO course faster in 2021 

The Certified Scrum Product Owner, or CSPO course, validates a professional’s expertise in maximizing the product's value to the consumer. It is the responsibility of the CSPO to ensure that the product creation schedule is strictly adhered to while also ensuring that the product quality provides optimum value to the consumer. The certification requires in-depth knowledge of Scrum techniques and procedures, and awareness of Agile methodologies, and attendance of a course given by  a Certified Scrum Trainer.  

Every two years, you can update your certification. The majority of software development and information technology (IT) organisations use the scrum technique to produce higher-quality products and build a healthier work atmosphere. The Certified Scrum Product Owner, also known as the CSPO, is critical to achieving this aim. This particular course helps professionals gain the expertise needed to deliver a product that meets or exceeds the customer's needs.  

 This certification ensures that professionals have a thorough understanding of Scrum methodologies and apply that expertise to the organisation’s processes. The demand for a certified CSPO is increasing as more businesses around the world introduce Scrum to improve their product quality. Before you can receive the certification, you must first meet certain requirements. 

Criteria for CSPO Certification Eligibility: 

  1. Knowledge of scrum: You should get this certification if you know how to use Scrum processes. It illustrates the ability to successfully execute Scrum strategies to ensure the success of the project. The Scrum guide is a good place to start learning about Scrum. Scrum Guide is a concise and informative text written by Scrum's creators. It covers everything you need to know about in order to gain the CSPO, making it one of the most important CSPO qualification requirements. 

  1. Agile manifesto: Since Scrum is an Agile operation, the Agile manifesto will provide you with a full picture of Scrum's various aspects. It gives you a deeper understanding of the Scrum procedures. When it comes to this qualification, the Agile manifesto is not nearly as critical as the Scrum guide. Consider reading it as a supplement to gain knowledge of Scrum sense. 

  1. Training: The above-mentioned CSPO preconditions are encouraged and will aid you in your Scrum journey. They are not, however, needed. The required CSPO qualification requirement is a two-day, 16-hour preparation. The training can take place either in person or through a live online session. After completing this two-day training, you will receive this certification. The cost of training varies depending on the country. 

  1. Renewal: This certification is only valid for two years, after which you must apply to have it renewed. The CSPO certification may be extended after receiving 20 PDUs over the course of two years and paying a $100 renewal fee. 

Process of getting the certification: 

The question of how to obtain this particular certification often arises in the minds of candidates. The Certification Process for CSPO is broken down into the following steps. 

  1. Participate in a two-day course led by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). 

  1. Reading the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum Guide, as well as the CSPO Learning Objectives. 

  1. Accept the CSPO License Agreement after successfully completing the course. 

  1. Fill out the Scrum Alliance membership profile with your details. 

  1. The CSPO certification does not require an exam. The CSPO testament will be emailed to you through Scrum Alliance. The CSPO certification process comes to a close with this move. 

  1. Maintain your CSPO certification by obtaining Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and renewing your certification every two years for a fee of $100. 


  1. Boost your expertise - Understand the processes, instruments, and techniques required to effectively manage Scrum teams and maximize value.  

  1. Increase your reputation by clearing the Scrum Alliance's CSPO certification exam. This will help you become a certified Product Owner. 

  1. Learn from experts - The course is designed and delivered by Certified Scrum Trainers who have extensive knowledge of Scrum's principles and values. 

  1. Any applicant receives a detailed set of reference materials, including templates and workshop arrangements. 

  1. Demonstrate and apply core Scrum knowledge - Understand the PO's role in defining product value. 

  1. Learn the devices and techniques that successful POs use to build, request, and optimise the product backlog for a great career. Differentiate between PO challenges, tactics, and best practices when dealing with partners, customers, users, and Scrum groups. 


Thus, in lieu of the pandemic, we all cannot go out, so it is a good opportunity to utilize this time to enhance our skills. We have talked about CSPO certificates and the advantages. Also, the steps required to get the certification are mentioned. I hope it's useful. 

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